(The Called To Be A Wife Series)

The following statements were typed by me excitingly, on the 21st December, 2016, at a time when I had no prospect for marriage in sight.

I purposed in my heart though, to trust God to send the man I was to marry in HIS timing and the statements below were all typed in advance of any of this becoming a reality. They represent the different wonderful stages I expect to go through from presentation, to the wedding, to the honeymoon.

Crazy? Not at all. I’m just a girl that is crazy excited for when Mr. Right finally comes.

God is truly a God that does the impossible and I believe that he is truly able to take a woman that has felt rejected most of her life and cause her to keep house and to have her own family and to be loved and cherished by a man she adores (Psalm 113:9).

With that said, here are the statements:


Wow! I’m about to step into unprecedented territory. I’ve been interested in guys before and some may have even been interested in me but I have NEVER had a man approach me first and let me know in no uncertain terms and with no games or mixed signals, that he was interested in me and wished to pursue me. #myfirsttime

Such class! I’m IMPRESSED!


Wow! I’m about to step into unprecedented territory. I was taken out once by a guy before (he was a nice guy who I definitely knew was interested in me but made it seem as a platonic farewell lunch between work colleagues when I decided to leave my job to go further my studies. He worked in another Department and I was not at all interested in him. However, I have NEVER been out on a date before or been courted by any man before. #myfirsttime

Sure you can! I’m IMPATIENT!


Wow! I’m about to step into unprecedented territory. I’ve heard silly talk about ‘feelings’ and speculated about this and that but I have NEVER had a man say those three little words to me before. #myfirsttime

Lost for words! I’m EMOTIONAL!


Wow! I’m about to step into unprecedented territory. I have received friendly presents from the opposite sex before, like a postcard and a goodbye gift but I have NEVER received a romantic gift or item of any kind whatsoever, from any man before. #myfirsttime

So very thoughtful of you! I’m HAPPY!


Wow! I’m about to step into unprecedented territory. I have heard a lot of sweet nothings from men (some strangers as I walked passed them) but I have NEVER had a man go down on one knee and ask me to be his wife before. #myfirsttime

So humbling! I’m ELATED!


Wow! I’m about to step into unprecedented territory. I have dreamed about the day of my Wedding for countless years and watched many others make that walk down the aisle but I have NEVER given my hand in marriage to any man before. #myfirsttime

So beautiful! I’m EXCITED!


Wow! Im about to step into unprecedented territory. I have been kissed before and done things I ought not to have done before but as a virgin, I have NEVER experienced being physically joined as one to any man before. #myfirsttime

So much intimacy! HALLELUJAH!


While waiting may not seem pleasant, it is certainly a blessing when your God-sent comes, for him to have unprecedented territories to conquer. He gets the privilege of stepping into areas and having experiences with you that no other man has ever experienced or shared with you before. That is beautiful and so very special.

It is indeed sweet when the person you end up marrying and spending the rest of your life with is the first ever to:

  • sincerely indicate that he is romantically interested in you;
  • initiate and start a courtship with you and take you out somewhere, in that capacity;
  • tell you that he is head over heels in love with you;
  • buy you a romantic present;
  • propose to you;
  • marry you; and
  • as your God-sent husband, make love to you.

In relation to my life, I believe that God has a plan and that over the years, he has deliberately prevented other random men (who he knew had ulterior motives and would never be my husband) from spoiling or cheapening these very precious moments. They are indeed precious moments, each and every one of them and I feel blessed that they have been reserved so that I can get to experience them with someone sincere, my one true earthly love and God-sent.

It is clear when I consider all of these beautiful firsts, that, despite my sometimes waywardness and rebellion, unprecedented territory was always reserved by God, for my ONE and ONLY.

Thank you Lord for everything! Thank you for your grace.

In time, I am confident that by the grace of God, when God orchestrates my presentation, I will say:

#myfirsttime#myfirstREALlove #heUNDERSTANDSme #heAPPRECIATESme

#heHANDLESmecarefully #intimacyonALLlevels #NEVERsellyourselfshort

#alwayswaitonGOD #heKNOWSmyworth #iRESPECTandadorehim

#hetreatsmelikethePRECIOUSgemIam #purposepassionandpraise

(Written on 21st December, 2016)

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