(The Called To Be A Wife Series)

To every man that turned his back on me, walked away from me, didn’t think I was good enough or that I was what he wanted, THANK YOU.

Admittedly, I’ve only had two such situations but still I THANK YOU! Admittedly, I was heartbroken back then and deeply grieved but THANK YOU.

Had you not walked away, I would not have been available for the precious man that God had handpicked for me, planned for me, determined for me, from before the foundation of the world.

You, dear man from my past, have played a part in this beautiful love story. You deserve to be applauded, as had it not been for your actions in walking away, I would not have ended up with the one whom my soul loves and the one that God wanted for me.

I wanted a man that I loved dearly, that loved me back the same, where we both loved God and God loved us, had relationship with us and loved the idea of us being together and this is exactly what God provided.

On behalf of my fiance and I therefore, I say again sincerely, gratefully, humbly, THANK YOU.

(Written crazily in advance by faith on 31st August, 2019)

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