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Marriage should not define your journey. It should be a part of it.

When God decides that the time is right and gives you the person he wishes you to spend your life with, by then, you ought to have been so wrapped up with desire and delight in your God, that you see this person for what he is which is merely a natural manifestation of the awesomeness you have already been experiencing spiritually and supernaturally with your Lord.

Your spouse ought to be rightly viewed not as a beginning to something beautiful but as an extension of the love and intimacy you already have and are experiencing with your God. What your spouse represents is a further page of the existing love story of your life, previously crafted by the lover of all lovers of your soul.

God ought to be second to none and your spouse second to one.

(Written on 13th January, 2015)


When God gets involved and specifically brings two (2) people together, he wants them to realize

  • ONE – That their meeting was orchestrated by HIM so he alone is deserving of all the glory.
  • TWO – That the love of their spouse will always rate second best to HIS love for them, which is perfect.
  • THREE – That their love for their spouse must always take second place to their love for HIM.
  • FOUR – That the person he has provided is merely an extension of HIS already existing love and not a start of something new or a replacement or a competition.
  • FIVE – That the person he has brought into their life is not to be idolized, worshipped or placed on a pedestal but to be selflessly loved and appreciated.
  • SIX – That they each belong to HIM and have been loaned to each other.
  • SEVEN – That they have been put together not just for pleasure but more so for HIS divine purposes.
  • EIGHT – That their marriage is to be a ministry and they are to be servants to each other.
  • NINE – That he intends to use that marriage to bring both parties closer to HIM.

(Written on 23 February, 2015)

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