(The Single Woman Series – Batch 4)

Dear potential suitors,

This daughter of the King wants a worship partner, a praying buddy, a spending time in the Word and meditating on God’s goodness kind of companion, a telling everything that God has done for me and is still doing for me friend, who gets it and of course, all the other lovely things, like mind blowing physical attraction and a strong but healthy emotional connection.

The latter things, while important though are secondary to the first.

This daughter of the King wants it all but is waiting on a relationship where the SPIRITUAL CONNECTION is strongest.

Absolutely nothing else would do.

(Written on 26th January, 2017)


On 1st May, 2021 or thereabout, the years rolling on and I still being single, I wrote:

I want somebody decent, somebody honourable, somebody who has dignity and deserves me.

I want someone that I can look up to (although imperfect) and who I truly admire.

He must be principled, have integrity, love his Lord and have a faith in Jesus that inspires me to be the best Christian, woman and human being that I can be.

I want someone that is generally selfless, humble but yet has God-given confidence, who derives his wisdom from the Word of God, loves truth and takes his cues from Jesus, as to how to love, how to lead and how to live.

He must be non-materialistic, non-political, non-obsessed with the world’s allures and be chasing after nothing but Christ.

It is this kind of man for me or nothing. I simply CANNOT compromise. This is the only kind of man that I can respect as a husband.

To some, this may well mean that I will remain single. After all, so much time has passed already.

Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re not.

My life is in God’s hands and I know that He is able, to present me to the only kind of man worth any of my time. I’ve resolved since 2013, to not look for anyone and to just let go and let God do whatever he wants to do in my life. I will keep on waiting therefore, even at this late hour and see what He does.

Five (5) remarkable things about my God that I’ve observed from the Bible, people’s lives and my own experiences are these:

1. Time spent alone with God is NEVER time wasted;
2. Those that wait on God will NEVER be ashamed;
3. God’s power has no limits and NO time restraint;
4. God’s too late is ALWAYS on time; and
5. God may take his time but he DOES come.

(Written mainly on 01st May, 2021)

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