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Money is not the driving force in my life.

It will therefore not determine what job I take, if and when I should leave it, who I should marry, if and when I should have kids, how many children my future husband and I should have or any other important decision that I may have to make.

Jesus is the one that steers the wheel of my life. Only HE gets to tell me, “Come here” or “Go there. Do this” or “Do that”, say “yes” or say “no”.

Even where I may feel, having sought God’s guidance, that there is a decision that the Lord wants me to make for myself (which he sometimes does), know this: Money, while a relevant factor, does not get to be THE determinant of the choice I make. Glorifying God, which is by far, the most important is my primary objective and this is what I usually apply to all of my life decisions.

People don’t ever seem to understand my rationale but that’s okay. Once God understands and agrees, that is all that matters to me. For God and not money is the true source of my sustenance. If all the money in the world dried up or disappeared tomorrow, I would still be provided for because God would remain in existence, he would still be seated on the most high throne and he would still be in control. While there may be pandemonium because money stored in bank accounts, safes and underneath people’s beds is missing, I’d be able to sing: “Peace, perfect peace.”

For, as a person that has had my bank account read zero on more than one occasion and for prolonged periods, yet, in the midst of that dry season, experienced God’s supernatural provision, I know first hand that there is absolutely no limit to God’s power and no need to fear because Jesus has me in the palms of his hands.

At the point that this Article is being written, I am once again in search of a job because my two (2) year contract at a very abusive, oppressive and dishonest workplace, finally expired.

Feeling half dead and with absolutely no genuine apology from my oppressers for the mistreatment I endured during that two (2) year period, I was shockingly asked by management (on more than one occasion), whether I would be interested in renewing.

Given that securing a consistent flow of income (while nice) is not my primary concern but bringing glory to God, I did not hesitate to say no. For, while I am thankful to have been employed during that period, it was a job that demanded and expected all, as in 100% of my time in the first year, yet I was still accused of not doing enough. It was a job that competed with my spiritual life and the precious time I wished to devote to the things of the Lord. It was a job that tried its best (due to the demons operating in the lives of a large group of people there), to destroy my mental, physical and spiritual well-being, so much so, that while on vacation after the first year, my nerves felt so out of whack, that I had trouble trying to remain calm and sit still.

I have never been so sick, so frequently and with all kinds of ailments, at any other place of employment and although I entered that workplace with perhaps about three (3) grey hairs on my head, the numbers have grown exponentially in the space of two (2) short years.

I could not imagine that God would want me to enter into a new contract again at that place or with that particular employer, so that they could have two additional years to finish what they were trying to do, which, based on the devil’s agenda was to make me compromise, kill my faith, steal my health and destroy my sanity.

I am also aware that once into a new contract, it is extremely difficult to terminate it, due to how the wording is drafted. For example, had I chosen to re-enter, I would not have been able to leave before three (3) months expired or else I would have had to pay my employer a month’s salary for breach of contract. Also, due to the work demands, I’d be arriving home at night after taking two forms of transportation, carrying with me more work to get done for my employer while at home. I would therefore have had hardly any time to properly look around for another job, much less leave to be interviewed, by any other prospective employer.

So, once again, I have not taken the easy way out in the name of money. It is not a comfortable place to be in when you’re out of a job and an earthly source of income. Thankfully though, God keeps me through such a trying season and he is the source of all sources when it comes to provision.

I don’t know when the Lord will provide employment for me again (I hope it is soon) but I am trusting that he has not forgotten me. He saw how hard I worked at my last work place despite all the lying accusations to the contrary, he knows that my work ethic is excellent and that I have absolute integrity, that which I am not ever prepared to compromise for anyone or any position.

I have sent out endless applications, all on which I included a prayer to God for his perfect will, in white words that only he can see.

I’ve had much silence in the aftermath with only a handful of prospective employers writing or e-mailing me to let me know that they had no vacancies at that time. I’ve even been interviewed by a prominent place of employment with high dignitaries, twice! and eight weeks apart, as the employer could not figure out, seemingly, who from its long list of candidates (which appeared to be at least twenty people), would be best for the position. They therefore apparently selected the top scoring few and asked them to come to a second interview and I was one such person asked.

I am therefore once again in wait mode, waiting on God to see what he does, where he directs and how he provides.

(Written on 12th July, 2018)

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