(The Abundant Life Series – Batch 1)

A few years ago, although I had been a Christian for many years before that, I asked God to take complete control of all areas of my life and to do whatever he wanted with my life. I truly meant it and turned every decision pertaining to me and my future over to him to have HIS way.

Now, I sometimes wonder in my weak moments, what in the world did I do? But yet, I have no regrets. I would give him free rein all over again because I trust him that much.

Sometimes his plans are not my plans, so my plans get done away with and sometimes he wants me to go places that I do not want to go but yet his will supersedes mine. And sometimes he asks me to do something or to be some way that I sometimes find to be too trying but I have resolved to trust him in the process.

Even when things get messy and the vehicle of my life takes unexpected and sometimes bumpy turns, I still trust him behind the wheel. In my weak moments, I sometimes long to abort the mission because I’ve had enough with the risky driving. He never tells me where we are going, only gives faint hints as to what the final destination will look like. It is therefore a faith walk or perhaps I should say a faith drive.

Indeed I am sometimes terrified by his driving technique and wish he would not have me go through certain roads that I deem to be too treacherous but I know that when it is all said and done, he is the most competent driver there ever was and ever will be and he has a good destination in mind. His concern is getting me to where he has destined me to be because it is there that my purpose will be fulfilled and his name glorified.

And so I say, have your way in my life Lord. Continue to use me as you see fit for your honour and your glory. Strengthen me though Lord because there have been times over the years that I wondered if I would make it. But yet, you are the God that honours your Word and you have said that I will, through Jesus Christ. So thank you Lord for how far you’ve brought me and please empower me for the rest of the journey, in Jesus’ mighty and precious name, Amen.

(Written on 27th August, 2016)

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