(The Abundant Life Series – Batch 1)

We expect that a mere sperm planted inside of a woman who becomes pregnant, will merge with an egg that was placed there mysteriously and that in nine months’ time, through some mysterious ‘baking’ process over which mankind has no control, a whole new life, a bouncing baby, will be ready for arrival.

We expect that when we go to sleep at night, we will open our eyes in the morning.

We expect when we wake up each morning, that there will be daylight and the sun will be shining somewhere.

We expect that rain will fall each year and be enough to prevent us from dying of dehydration and starvation.

We expect, that whatever we need in this life to survive, whether it be water, vitamins, minerals, nutrients or medication, it is already waiting for us here on this earth when we arrive. We are not bothered from whence these things came. All we know is that we have what we need, when we need it and our lives continue on as a result of this provision.

But WHO fulfills all of these expectations? WHO is the one that is providing all of these things and doing all of these things for us and so faithfully? Is he worth our time or should we just be getting on with getting on and pay no mind whatsoever, as to the source of our sustenance and provision?

Whoever he is, he does such a good job, that we take his provision and blessings upon us daily, for granted.

Yet, if he is the one that fulfills all of the above expectations, while mankind with all his so-called ‘wisdom’ does not even know how to begin to do what he does, like cause a baby to be formed, to grow and to be born, the rain to fall and the sun to shine and the plants to grow and with much needed nutrients for our bodies, does this mean that he is superior to us? And if so, if he is responsible for all of creation, then why did he create us? What does he want of us? He provides for us so wonderfully but does he have expectations of us?

That he loves us is evident by all that he has done and continues to do for us in nature but do we love him? Do we even know him and if not, then why not? Is he someone that we can go to and get to know? Can we have relationship with him? Would he like that?

If I talk to him, will he talk back and has he ever talked to anyone on this earth?

If he is ultimately in control, then did he have a plan for my life when he created me or did he just allow me to be formed just for the fun of it? And if he had a specific plan for my life, then am I living out the purpose for my existence? Have I given it any thought?

What does he want me to do? Does he have any rules? Are we accountable in any way to him?

And if we are, how can we know how to please him? How can we become better acquainted with his likes and his dislikes? Has he left us any guide? But even if he left us a guide, wouldn’t I be better off navigating through life without his instructions? Does he know me better than I know myself? Can’t I trust my judgment more than his?

What kind of personality does he have? Is he kind? Is he generous? Is he someone that is to be respected and feared? Does he mean what he says and say what he means? Would he be okay if I just pretend he doesn’t exist and live all of my life however I want it?

Is he watching me right now? Is there anywhere I can go where he will not see me? Does he keep a record of everything I have done from the time I was born to now? And if so, what does he intend to do with it? Can it be used against me one day, like is done on earth in a court of law?

Is he greater than our magistrates and judges? Since they are human beings too, does he have a record on them as well?

Is he gullible? Does he expect me to obey him and does he punish like my parents did me? Is he cool and hip and just goes with the flow or is he someone that is to be respected and obeyed?

And if we are accountable to him and he has expectations of us and has left us a guide, like, let’s say….the Bible are there any consequences if we decide to ignore his instructions and to live life like we own it?

I guess what I’m really asking is: Can the one who created us with body, soul and spirit, punish any aspect of our being beyond death? Is he greater than death?

These are questions that every human being that has been blessed to have life and his mental faculties, should be genuinely satisfied that he has answered, between the time of his arrival and the time he is scheduled to depart this earth.

There are so many questions. Do you have all the answers?

(Written on 3rd March, 2015, added to thereafter)

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