(The Single Woman Series – Batch 2)

I can’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt sometimes. When I hear that that sister or brother has found the one for them or is engaged and getting married, I genuinely feel their joy and excitement but then it leaves me wishing, not that I were them but that God would bless me in that way too!

Yet, if it is one thing I have learned in life, the greater the pain, the better the story. The more the suffering, the greater the glory. The hotter the tears, the louder the shouts of praise when morning finally comes.

The longer the wait, the greater the joy, when what you have prayed for and yearned for, yet resolved in faith to wait on God for, finally makes an appearance.

When that which was heavenly promised is earthly manifested, all you can do is praise God.


Today I saw two women of God on Facebook, giving God glory for answered prayer and I felt their joy, while I continued to wait…

For how long, only God knows but I said to myself, one day this too will be me. I will be giving God praise for answered prayer. He operates with different timelines for his children, as was evident in the two ladies who were attesting to his power and glory.

For one, her man of God came along in 2014 it seems, while for the other, he came in 2015, a year later. Yet, on this very day, they were both praising God for answered prayer, one just having been proposed to and with a picture on Facebook to show the beauty of the moment, the other apparently still basking in newfound and sincere love.

From the looks of it, both women waited on God and he did not disappoint. I have had my times when I was impatient but I too have been waiting and for more than ten (10) years.

I’ve had my hopes dashed in relation to one guy during that ten(10) year period but thank God, no emotional connection had been formed and no other attachment. I simply had been hoping over a two (2) year period, due to our continually having to work together on a christian class and signals I felt that he was giving me during that time and me taking a like to him, that he was the one. It turned out he was not, so the waiting continued.

I resolved after that time and told God many times, that I was not going to look for anyone and that I was simply going to wait on him because I trust him, to bring the one he wants me to marry, when he is ready.

I don’t know if he will be coming by plane, by boat, by car or by foot, from a northerly or southerly, easterly or westerly direction. I have no idea what his education background will be, nor do I care. I don’t know if he will be from my island or the neighbouring island or from some other nationality. I’ve got no idea if he will be white or black, chinese, indian or hispanic. He may be tall or short, fat or slim with average looks or drop dead gorgeous.

The summation of his characteristics, I have been given no insight into but I know that he will be a man after God’s own heart because that is what I prayed for and that is most important. I know that he will have a spiritual backbone from the Lord and know how to lead me and a home because that is what I prayed for from the Lord. I know that he will make me feel empowered to do even greater things for the Lord and achieve greater feats because that is what I prayed for. I know that he will not take me for granted but will appreciate having me in his life because God answers prayer and that is what I prayed for.

I have not a clue what his features will look like but I have somewhat of an insight into his character. I don’t know what direction he will be coming from or when or how or why. All I know is that by the grace of God, we will recognize each other when we meet and here’s to hoping that heaven’s angels will sing at that moment: Look at what the Lord has done!

I’ve been waiting but one day, that wait will be over and I too will be jumping for joy.

One day, I too will be basking in the aftermath of a perfect evening out with my God-sent.

One day, I too will be attesting to the fact and publicly, that God DOES INDEED answer prayer.

Do not expect me to be silent. These eyes have cried enough tears and this heart felt enough heartache, disappointment and sorrow in life in general, for me to be silent at such good news.

I intend to give God a LOUD praise and publicly, to the one who did it for me.

For now, I wait. I wait patiently and quietly on God for when my turn comes…

(Written on 27th November, 2016)

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