(The Single Woman Series – Batch 2)

If someone were to ask you, “What do you want out of your love life?”, what would be your response? Have you given it any real thought?

I am a single woman, believing God for a husband and a family of my own one day. I am yet to be approached by one of God’s sons but I believe that God made me a promise through his Word that I will have my own family.

That was some years ago, 2013 to be exact and at the time I am writing this Article, it is 2016. No man of God has come forward to secure my hand in marriage, much less to show me any interest but I choose to still believe.

It is not easy and there are days when I will admit, the loneliness overwhelms me and I shed some tears.

For me, it is not so much that I don’t have a significant other but as somewhat of an introvert and a person who has been betrayed, used and undermined by ‘friends’ in the past, I wiped the slate clean and now, I long for human friendships: Not any kind of friendship or the abusive kind but with people that understand me, respect me and truly care for me.

That is hard to find in this world, where people align themselves to you for ulterior motives and personal purposes.

I was thinking today, that what I want is to be important to somebody on the face of this planet, to have somebody as my own, somebody whose abode is with me and who is invested in me.

It is hard, as I experienced recently in the island that I am living and working, going through something where you are unable to get home after work until in the night, due to a roadblock and then finally making it home by the grace of God but to an empty, run down Apartment you are renting by yourself. You are reminded in such moments, that there is nobody that even cares that you were late and almost did not even make it home that night. Such a dramatic day you experineced and nobody to share it with. That, for you is the norm.

I want this to change.

I understand that having a husband that cares about me and having a family are not all that there is to life and that it is perfectly possible to live a successful life without them. However, this has been my heart’s desire since I was in my teens: To have a family of my own that I can serve lovingly and to whom I belonged.

At the end of the day, God is in control and it hasn’t happened yet because he hasn’t allowed it. He has been working on so many things in me and my character throughout my years of singleness, that I am grateful.

As time progresses though, my LOVE LIST, which is quite simple, remains on my heart and represents my desire above all other earthly desires. It comprises of seven (7) stages, all of which I KNOW are possible with God’s intervention. They are as follows:

  • 1- ASK – Pray to God earnestly, fervently and persistently in faith, asking him in his mercy, to present me to one of his sons with whom I will be divinely compatible, provide me with my own family and one that will bring him honour and glory.
  • 2 – BE FOUND – When God decides to grant me my request, meet and secure the interest of a man who has God on the throne of his heart and is worthy of my love and attention, in a setting and at a time divinely orchestrated by God himself.
  • 3 – START COURTING – Embark upon an exciting courtship with God in the middle of it, enjoy being pursued and wooed honourably and respectfully, while getting to know and love this man, both of us being careful to honour God in the process and focusing on the building of a strong foundation in Jesus Christ, which will pave the way for our future life together.
  • 4 – BECOME ENGAGED – Upgrade from girlfriend to fiancé by accepting this man’s sincere and heartfelt proposal, once it has been confirmed by God that our union has his stamp of approval.
  • 5 – GET MARRIED – Despite the odds, the distractions, the lies of the devil (that I will never marry or that God had forgotten me or that I was a nobody because I was still single), the attacks, the ridicule, the mistakes and the many challenges I have faced in my life, STILL defy them all in Jesus’ name and walk down the aisle in the Wedding of my dreams, to receive the gift that nobody but God has blessed me with and to publicly give him the honour due to his name, on that very day.
  • 6 – ENJOY BEING A WIFE & THANK GOD – Enjoy married life, love my husband selflessly and thank God continuously for this amazing gift and the other gifts we trust him to add to our family, in his perfect timing.
  • 7 – BUILD A FAMILY MINISTRY – Be an example to believers and non-believers alike of what God desires for the Christian home, by demonstrating in our family, selfless love, respect, commitment, trust, grace, forgiveness and mercy and showing the world that God’s plan for our ‘love’ lives is always best.

(Written on 20th November, 2016)

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