Dear future boyfriend/fiance/husband,

You are on my mind again and I’ve been thinking of the road that will lead you to me. I’ve been thinking that that road is Jesus and I’ve been thinking of the fact that we would never meet UNLESS he served as the BRIDGE to bring you to me.

Very much like the story of Boaz and Ruth in the Bible, I know that nothing short of a MIRACLE of God could ever lead you to me and to equip you to love me and to spend the rest of your life with me. This is because love and finding true love is a GRACE work of God. This is why I have resolved not to look for you or to try to force anything to work with anyone but to wait until God decides it is TIME to present me to you.

On this love road of grace, paved by Jesus Christ, I’ve been thinking of what it would take for God to craft our love story and of what it would take for us to end up together in a loving and long-lasting and blessed marriage and this is what I have concluded:

ONE – Unless God gives me help by pointing me out to you in a crowd, YOU WOULD NEVER NOTICE ME

While I am not bad looking, there is nothing spectacular about me, in myself, to make you notice me, especially when you are surrounded by women of all shapes, personalities and hues.

You could have your pick of any one of them I am sure but I am trusting God that when HE is ready, all of these women will fade into the background and he will give you eyes to see me and me alone. If he does not work a miracle, then I could be around you week after week after week but you would never notice me.

I am a gem worth getting to know and having and you will never be disappointed in your choice of me but without God’s intervention, you could never get close enough to me to find out.

TWO – Unless God gives you courage, YOU WOULD NEVER APPROACH ME.

People have told me on several occasions that I have a serious demeanor and do not come across as approachable. This makes it all the more difficult for any suitors, who may feel intimidated by what appears to be my disposition.

I am totally unlike this on the inside and am quite a fun loving and easy going person. However, only the guy that approaches me will get to find this out. I am a well guarded and preserved treasure and God will present me to who he pleases when He is ready.

With God’s help and when he is ready, I am trusting that he will give you the courage to make a bold and deliberate move in my direction, even if you don’t understand why at the time. Until then, I will remain still because I believe that it is a man’s place and role to approach a woman and not the other way around.

THREE – Unless God gives me strength, I WILL NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE YOU when you approach me.

I don’t really have much experience with men and I tend to be quite shy around them, especially the ones that I like. I am therefore praying for strength from now to know what to say and how to behave when you approach me, as I can’t handle our meeting on my own. I need God’s help.

FOUR – Unless God places it in your heart, YOU WOULD NEVER PURSUE ME. 

To approach me is one hurdle but for you to pursue me with marriage in mind and honourably, something would need to be birthed in your heart from the start, where you are left, not quite understanding why but wanting to know more about me. It would take God for you to find yourself associating me with the possibility of wife and mother and hoping deep down that those are the roles God intends for me.

For you to have such a strong interest in me, it would require you first to be so blown away by me (even if you don’t quite know why), that you find after our initial meeting, that you have acquired an unshakeable and unquenchable desire to know more of me, to see more of me and to understand more of me. You would need to feel deep down and hear the Lord’s voice very early on, that maybe your search is over and that maybe I am to be the wife God intends for you.

For you to get to that place, so much so that you eagerly pull out all the honourable stops to woo me, you would need God to spur you on, to guide you and to teach you how to pursue his precious daughter honourably. He would need to tell you what to do, what not to do and when and how to treat me. He knows what makes me tick because he created me and as you spend time with him and enquire about me, he will give you the revelation you need.

FIVE – Finally, unless God guides and keeps both of us WE WOULD NEVER GET TO THE POINT OF BECOMING ENGAGED and then giving ourselves honourably to each other at the altar.

So much can happen between pursuit and an engagement, that we would definitely need to keep God in the mix and to seek his face on our relationship.

There would be temptation to give in to lustful desires I am sure and it is only by the grace of God that we would be able to remain pure and respectful of each other during that time. There would most likely be arguments and misunderstandings and there are times that we would hurt each other, sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally. All and in all, we would need God to help us handle each other and to enable us to practise self-control and patience while we wait and to prepare for marriage.

We would also need him to enable us to maintain the momentum of excitement in our relationship, where we remain thrilled by each other, never get bored, enjoy each other’s company immensely, spend quality time with each other, yet still feel an overwhelming need to become more intimately acquainted spiritually, emotionally and physically with each other, that which can only be achieved within God’s design of marriage.

(Written on 4th September, 2016)

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