(The Courting or Engaged Series)


Remember that girl whose emotions you toyed with then tossed cruelly to the side, as if she was worthless? Remember that girl you used then left battered, heartbroken, bereft and bruised?

Well, she never really did get the chance to tell you what she wanted to tell you but in any event, had she had the opportunity before now, it may have been premature, as she needed time to heal from the pain you inflicted and the excruciating chastening she endured for years at the hands of her Lord, for her being so foolish and disobedient in the first place.

Imagine, she thought that she could align herself with Mr. Wrong, otherwise known as Not God’s Will, sometimes known as Unequally Yoked Bloke and think that you two would get married, that God would bless the union and you would live happily ever after.

As she reflects, she thinks it prudent to let you and all other Mr. Wrongs know, that when it comes to God’s Royal Daughters, there are certain key facts that you would do well to note. These are as follows:-

  • ONE – Don’t ever get between a girl and her LordHe is a jealous God. You will not win.
  • TWO – You may have left her badly wounded and bleeding at the side of the road (metaphorically speaking) but know that she didn’t stay there. She may have been left for dead and had not the power to pick herself up but her Samaritan came (Jesus) and poured in oil and wine (Luke 10:30-35). In his mercy, He saw to it that she was nursed lovingly back to health, entrusted into the hands of someone who he knew would take good care of her and now she is as good as new and better than before! In fact, if you happen to be reading this, it means that this Page has finally been published and that in turn means that God has provided someone who will be good to her and she is either COURTING or ENGAGED or better yet, MARRIED!
  • THREE – Despite the hurt you caused and how low you made her feel and how much she suffered at the hands of almighty God for her disobedience, she has grown so much since then, thanks to Jesus. She now knows her worth and that she is precious. She is regal because her heavenly Father is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. In fact, despite the lies you tried to get her to believe when her self-esteem was low, she now knows that her value is far above rubies and she rejoices in the fact that she is so wonderfully unique. She knows that she is a rare find (as that is how God made her) and no doubt, her future husband will know it as well. For, understanding who she is in Christ, in moving forward, she will only align herself with a man after God’s own heart, a man with the Spirit of Christ indwelling him and he will have discernment from the Lord to see the truth about her value.
  • FOUR She mourned your loss but in time, she realized this was no loss at all but a blessing! She now had the opportunity to see her wrong, repent before God, spend quality time with HIM instead of idolizing you and she was now available for God to present her to Mr. Right, in his timing, a man more worthy than you.
  • FIVE – By the grace of almighty God (and you better believe it), her latter (without you in the picture) will be greater and grander than her past.
  • SIX – She is grateful that through your flippancy, you never really took the time to get to know her, as there are so many undiscovered facets and assets to her characterWhat you thought you knew was just the tip of the ice berg and now, thankfully, this privilege of learning about her and all the beautiful, intimate dimensions to her character is now reserved for her one and only. She is also grateful that you never said the ‘L’ word, as when her future husband arrives on the scene and he eventually says it, it will have meaning. It will be special. He will mean it with all of his heart and the wait will be worth it.
  • SEVEN – She’s still got her joy. Because she has Jesus, the pain that you caused was temporary and couldn’t put a lasting dent in her smile because the joy of the Lord is her strength. He gave that to her and nobody, not even you, can ever take that away.
  • EIGHT – She is like fine wine. She ages more beautifully with time. As she grows older, she only grows more beautiful, confident and radiant, as she seeks to fulfill God’s purpose for her life. She is purpose-driven and Kingdom-focused and high on her agenda is to teach women how to avoid getting duped by the likes of you, while they wait on God to send their future husband.
  • NINE – She is not bitter and she does not hate you. She is grateful to God for how far he has brought her since then. She has forgiven, although some wounds from what you inflicted and the blows God then meted out to her, in love, through chastening, has left scars. She takes responsibility for her wrong though and those scars serve as a beautiful reminder to her, that she is never to go that way again. See, through God-given discernment and the fire he set alight in her life to chasten her (which was like eye-salve), she now understands through spiritual lens, that you were sent on assignment by the devil (maybe even unbeknownst to you at the time), to derail her from her purpose and to make her fail in life… BUT GOD!

(Not) yours truly,

From: A very thankful lady

  • “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side…If it had not been the Lord who was on our side when men rose up against us: Then they had swallowed us quick, when their wrath was kindled against us: Then the waters had overwhelmed us, the stream had gone over our soul. Then the proud waters had gone over our soul. Blessed be the Lord, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth. OUR SOUL IS ESCAPED AS A BIRD OUT OF THE SNARE OF THE FOWLERS: THE SNARE OF THE FOWLER IS BROKEN, AND WE ARE ESCAPED. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 124)

(Written on 08th September, 2020)

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