(The Courting or Engaged Series – Batch 2)

I’ve been thinking, it must have seemed surreal to Joseph’s brothers to find, after so many years, that he was lord over all of Egypt. This same Joseph whose coat they had violently stripped and sold off to strangers as a lad of just seventeen was now great and in command over all of Egypt.

Yet, as appealing as the grandeur of his high position sounded and looked, Joseph’s prosperity did not come over night. He paid a hefty price. His brothers were not there to see what he went through as a slave and then as a prisoner. He was made to work tirelessly and as if this was not bad enough, he was falsely accused and thrust into prison, a horrible place where he remained for several years.

All hope seemed lost and all his dreams dashed. Yet, through it all and by the grace of God, he maintained a positive work ethic and outlook, which was instrumental in his promotion. From slave, to prisoner, to lord over all the land!

This was Joseph’s story. He was now in a lofty position because God had placed him there but let us never ever forget, that he suffered excruciatingly for many years, alone, away from the father he loved dearly and completely deprived of his freedom. He was served up a constant helping of injustice and stripped of all dignity, before he was elevated.

He was truly left for dead but then resurrected.

The lesson to us is this: When God elevates his children, let us not just stare in awe at the promotion or blessing. Let us think of the years of pain and humiliation, trouble and distress that went before. These are as much a part of the story and the journey.

(Written a few years back)

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