(My One Day Dream Wedding Series)

Sometimes you get an idea, an outlook or a vision of something you would like to do or some milestone you would like to achieve or some place you would like to end up and then God allows you to go through what you need to go through to make that vision meaningful.

In 2009, I heard one song on a Christian radio station and thought it would be awesome to have that play at a Christian Wedding. Shortly thereafter, I had a vision or perspective of what I wanted my one day Wedding to be like, a vision that has remained with me to date.

At the time though, I didn’t imagine the extent of the pain, suffering and sacrifice I would have to go through, so as to be sufficiently processed to bring that vision to life and to give it real significance but God knew.

I’m still not there yet. To date, no Prince Charming has yet come knocking on the door of my heart and no man worthy of my time has approached. Yet, after all I’ve been through between 2009 to date, I know somehow, that I am much closer to what I envisioned, coming to pass.

The pain I went through during those years, in the form of heartbreak, joblessness, disappointment, empty bank account, rejection, ridicule, criticism, insults, attacks, false accusations, emotional, psychological and verbal abuse, jealousy, malice, vindictiveness, overwhelming loneliness, misunderstanding, condemnation, spitefulness, sickness, confusion, stagnancy, gossip, shame, loss of friendships, silence, hunger (yes hunger), poverty and so much more, will all serve to make that day I envisioned, all the more beautiful and glorious in Christ Jesus. In short, pain fuels the fire of my one-day Wedding vision and in this way, it serves a beautiful purpose.

Through everything that I went through, God preserved me and when I walk down that aisle, I want it to be a walk of THANKSGIVING to The Most High, for all he brought me through and for not turning his back on me, even in those moments when I felt like the world had done so.

I saw the vision in 2009 and knew exactly the kind of Wedding I needed to plan for but I never imagined the kind of pain God would allow me to go through (including chastening), so that that vision could take on a whole new level of significance and be even more beautiful than I had initially imagined.

The more pain I went through, the more I was motivated to make that Wedding day (whenever it came and) with God’s help, one-of-a-kind and wonderful. So, tired, worn out, battered and bruised by life, yet knowing that God has the ability to renew my strength like an eagle’s and specializes in giving beauty for ashes, almost ten years later, I wait in patience, to see what my story teller does next.

(Written on 23rd January, 2019, adjusted on 08th September, 2020)

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