Dear Christian lady or girl,

If you have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, repented of all of your sins and confessed Jesus as Lord over all, then the Bible says that you are now a child of the only true and living God because you have accepted his Son.

He is King over ALL the universe and greater than all, so you have now become of ROYAL LINEAGE and partaker of a heavenly inheritance.

As ROYALTY, your heavenly Father expects you to conduct yourself on earth in dignified ways that bring glory to him and his Kingdom. Your walk must now be different, how you dress must now be different, your speech and the kind of man you affiliate yourself with must all reflect the fact that you are ROYALTY and therefore of great significance. If you made mistakes, repent before your Father, ask for his forgiveness, then pick back up your crown and wear it humbly but boldly.

You are precious to God and of great value in his sight. As a daughter of dignity, you should never anymore, settle for anything or anyone that is less than his perfect will for your life or anything or anyone that will undermine or contradict who you are in CHRIST.

REGALITY courses through yours veins because your heavenly Father is the KING of all kings and the LORD of all lords. God’s daughters are therefore different and set apart from the daughters of the world. God’s daughters walk in ROYALTY.

(Written on 13th March, 2018)


If you know that you are a daughter of dignity because of who you are in Jesus Christ or you need a little reminding, try repeating the following truths to yourself:

  • I am royalty, in Christ Jesus
  • I am special, in Christ Jesus
  • I have value, in Christ Jesus
  • I have beauty, in Christ Jesus
  • I am significant, in Christ Jesus
  • I am precious, in Christ Jesus
  • I am worthy, in Christ Jesus
  • I have purpose, in Christ Jesus
  • I am unique, in Christ Jesus
  • I matter a great deal, in Christ Jesus
  • I am cherished by God the Father, in Christ Jesus
  • I have great exploits to accomplish, in Christ Jesus
  • I do not need to fear, in Christ Jesus
  • I do not need to be ashamed, in Christ Jesus
  • I will soar to unprecedented heights, in Christ Jesus
  • Conquer new territory, in Christ Jesus
  • Take on new roles, in Christ Jesus
  • Be victorious, in Christ Jesus.

(Poem written on 02nd May 2019)

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