(The Abundant Life Series – Batch 2)

The rules and divine regulations of God as set out in the New Testament (and to some extent echoed in the Old) are not just superior to the laws of the earth but SUPREME. They never change because he never changes and whatever standards or mode of conduct he sets for us as humans, prevails.

The extent to which our earthly laws are valid therefore are determined by the extent to which they mirror the laws of God. If in any area, our earthly laws do not reflect and are not consistent with the laws of almighty God, then those laws have been created ultra vires, meaning outside of man’s jurisdiction or beyond his permitted scope of authority. Such laws are therefore invalid, unwise and of none-effect.

Also because the true and living God is an all-wise God who knows what is best for HIS creation, any earthly laws to the contrary of what HE has outlined are bound to fail or debarring that, to reap cataclysmic, calamitous and catastrophic consequences.

Furthermore, any earthly laws not sanctioned by the one who created us, though brought into effect through the instrument of human beings are undoubtedly commissioned by the devil, that one who ironically, has hated mankind is a liar and has been a murderer from the very beginning (John 8:44).

Since he comes to kill, steal and destroy (that is what the Bible says in John 10:10 and the Bible is true), then it thereby follows, that any laws that he inspires are calculated to do just that, threatening not just the continuity of everything precious that God has blessed and ordained as honourable but also the souls of the people that he (the devil) pathetically uses in his ploy to corrupt everything good and the souls of the people that are their victims.

In God’s eyes for example, although the devil has had people write ridiculous laws to the contrary, there is no such thing as ‘common law wife’ and there is no such thing as ‘same sex marriage.’

A ‘wife’ is a woman that has been officially joined in matrimony to a man in a wedding ceremony in the sight of God and before witnesses and a ‘marriage’ is the joining ceremony that takes place between one man and one woman.

The issue therefore is not about loving and tolerating. It is about God’s laws, which we as mere human beings have no jurisdiction or authority to break, could never outlaw and would do well to obey.

God sits in heaven. We have mere permission to reside for a while here on earth. Isn’t it ludicrous to think that we could craft legislation and arrive at judgments to overpower the will of THE ONE who is everlasting, all powerful and sits on the throne? And aren’t we being downright foolish to think, that he would just sit idly by and allow mankind to have his own rebellious way forever?

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In Isaiah 51:5-6, God himself stated through his Prophet:

  • “My righteousness is near; my salvation is gone forth, and mine arms shall judge the people…Lift up your eyes to the heavens and look upon the earth beneath: for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke and the earth shall wax old like a garment and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner: but my salvation shall be forever, and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL NOT BE ABOLISHED.”

(Written on 25th July, 2018)

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