(The Abundant Life Series – Batch 2)

NEWSFLASH: You are not here for ever and every day brings you closer to the day you MUST take your departure. Earth is but a temporary abode, although people tend to waste their time grabbing everything they can including money, power, position, politics and pleasure.

None of these things can go with you where you are going and make no mistake, we ALL are going. Those who have gone before have done simply that: Gone BEFORE. Inevitably, you too will join them because all of mankind is intrinsically mortal.

We can put what seems like an ugly truth behind us, say we’ll think about it later, laugh our troubles away or focus on everything but the fact that the day WILL come when we MUST leave this earth and WILL have to give an account of our lives to THE ONE that created us and put us on the earth in the first place.

He does not care what race we are or what family we belong to or how intelligent and articulate we are or how many qualifications we have acquired or what political position we attained while here on earth or anything else for that matter. Only one question will be relevant so think about it: WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST?

Did you believe on Him and are you covered by His perfect righteousness or is all that you have to show, your pathetic ‘good works’ which are not good enough for God’s heaven? Did you align yourself under the Lordship of Jesus and ask him by faith, to come into your heart, to save you from eternal damnation and to make you over anew? Did you renounce your pride and rebellion, confessing with your mouth that Jesus is Lord because you believed in your heart that, having come to this earth years ago, he was killed but rose up victoriously from the dead? Have you lived a life on earth surrendered to his Lordship, understanding that your role was not to lord over yourself but to be his humble servant?

We would do well to stop wasting time. The ever increasing grey hairs on your head, the aches and the pains, the medical woes, the fact that you have noticed that your pace has slowed and wrinkles have begun to take up residence on your face are all testament to the fact that you MUST and WILL leave this place and you MUST and WILL meet your maker…ONE DAY.

The one who created you already told us from his Word, that it is appointed unto humanity once to die and after this, THE JUDGMENT (Hebrews 9:27). He also made it clear that it is only what is done for the LORD JESUS CHRIST that will last, not anything else we waste precious time running after.

When after death or when Jesus returns (whichever is sooner), the question is posed to you and your WHOLE life is brought up for examination, if you find yourself outside of the covering provided by JESUS, what will be your excuse?

And what does it profit, to gain the whole world and to lose your own soul?

(Written in 2017)

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