(The Faith Forum Series – Batch 3)

People probably thought NOAH was crazy, only building and building and building for a flood when it had never rained.

But then… the rain began falling! And what Noah had said came true!

People probably thought JOSEPH was silly, only dreaming and dreaming and dreaming about sheaves bowing down to him, when he was nothing more than the eleventh of twelve sons and not even liked by his siblings.

But then… he became second in command in all of Egypt! And what Joseph had dreamed came true!

People probably thought the ISRAELITES were daft, only marching and marching and marching around the Jericho wall for seven days, when all human reasoning confirmed that the wall was impenetrable.

But then… the wall began crumbling! And what God had promised came true!

People probably think I’M foolish, only singing and singing and singing God’s praises when nothing seems to change and they can’t see anything spectacular that God is doing in my life.

But then…I feel joy bubbling in my spirit! Because I KNOW what comes next!





(Written on 11th February, 2017)

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