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Are you going through a difficult time right now and don’t know where to turn? Are you stressed out, stuck in a pit and feel tired, overwhelmed and like you are at an all time low?

Maybe you have financial problems or relationship issues or have poor health or the people at your workplace and even some in your Church are making your life feel like a living hell.

You’ve cried and you’ve tried and you’ve tried and you’ve cried and right now, you are just tired and want to escape it all. You desperately want change but that door seems stuck.

You are tired of the STORMS, UPHEAVALS, TRIALS, HEARTACHE, LONELINESS, DEPRESSION and the general UNCERTAINTY OF LIFE. Not knowing what comes next or where you are going to get the money from for tomorrow or if you will ever get married or how you are going to be delivered from all of your problems, makes you feel all the more despondent.

What do you do then?

Well, IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT A GENUINE CHRISTIAN BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO REAL TWO-WAY RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST but you have just been pretending or playing Church or you are not sure if you are a real Christian as you sometimes doubt your salvation, then I invite you to spend the time reading a few Articles under ‘THE ABUNDANT LIFE SERIES’ of my ‘SINGLE Daughters of God’ Page, which runs from Nos. 76-100 and 226-250.

To move forward, you must first get your relationship with Jesus right and have full assurance of your salvation in him.

IF ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU KNOW BEYOND A DOUBT, THAT YOU ARE A GENUINE CHRISTIAN, THAT YOU HAVE A REAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS ARE SUBMITTING TO HIS LORDSHIP AND SEEKING TO OBEY HIM EVERYDAY, ALTHOUGH YOU ARE NOT PERFECT, then I invite you to read the Articles listed below, which are available under my ‘SINGLE Daughters of God’ Page. I think they will help you tremendously in your situation, as you seek to obtain THE VICTORY over your circumstances through Christ Jesus.

To find an Article you may either click on the ‘SINGLE Daughters’ heading and scroll down or copy and paste or type the name of the Article in the search bar and click ‘enter’.

All of the best as you move forward and remember, that God loves you. Nothing he allows in your life is for no reason, even when you feel at your wits end, life seems overwhelming and you are hurting. Make sure you have a spirit of thanksgiving and not complaint, as the Israelites sadly had when they were in the wilderness.

I really hope you take the time to read the Articles, some of which talk of my own experiences in the wilderness. If you wish, you can read one Article a day.

Make sure you read the most important book regularly though, which is the Bible. It is the authoritative Word of God which is applicable to ALL generations and therefore, has wisdom for your life.

Feel free to let me know if the Articles helped you in any way and of how God gives you the VICTORY over your situation.

God bless and hold on!

(Written on 29th October, 2018)


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  • Note 42 – When That Door Wouldn’t Budge
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  • Note 84 – Hitting Rock Bottom
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  • Note 108 – Pain – God’s Tool For Our Spiritual Development
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  • Note 120 – Tired of the Storm, Sterility, Stagnancy and Silence? Create a Spiritual Safe House
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