(The Single Woman Series – Batch 2)

In John 8:44, Jesus stated of the devil, “He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: FOR HE IS A LIAR, and the father of it.

As a child and even as an adult, the devil has used people on at least three (3) occasions, to tell me I would NEVER get married. He also used people to mock at my singleness and circumstances, to make me feel unworthy of the title of wife and saddened to the point of despair, when I ended up as a laughing stock in situations where I thought that maybe, a certain someone was God’s will for my life but was wrong.

The last time he used someone to tell me I would NEVER get married was as recent as 2014, after I believe I had received two confirmations from the Lord in his Word to the contrary. At the time though, everything in my life was seemingly spinning out of control. I was down and out and the devil moved in for the kill, attacking me again with the words that I would NEVER be blessed with God’s gift of marriage. He loves to hit God’s children when they are down.

He even had the perpetrator fly all the way from where she resided to the island where I lived, under the guise of catching up on a so-called ‘friendship’, to deliver to me those words, along with some other stinging verbal blows, when a disagreement suddenly erupted.

I remember feeling devastated on each of the three (3) occasions in which I was told that I would NEVER get married, as the words were designed to hurt, to make me doubt my worth and they came, not from strangers but from people in my life. Nevertheless, I kept the faith because I KNEW that Jesus and no one else, held the keys to my future and that he would do according to HIS good pleasure without anyone’s permission.

I have since forgiven the people who delivered those messages because they did not know better. In retrospect, I have realized that the devil was working overtime and using people (unknown to them), as pawns in his evil scheme, to derail me from purpose and to try to convince me that marriage was not for me. Notably, none of them were Christians at the time and to date, I don’t think that they have yet surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ.

What became clear to me though, given the trend of the attacks was that the enemy did not want me even thinking about the possibility of marriage happening. Yet THINK I did! DREAM I did! HOPE I did! ENVISION I did!

If anything, his wicked attempts to disqualify me before I had even begun to run the race and initially from even the point where I was a small child and not even thinking of marriage, convinced me more than ever, that I was called by God to be a wife and that when he (God) brought it to pass, he had a GREAT WORK for my husband and I to do and/or would extract a GREAT TESTIMONY from our union and lives. Praise be to God, in advance!

Marriage may not be something that I could ever earn or even deserve BUT GOD was the one that would make the difference!

Anytime the devil tries to convince you of something, which is always a lie, I have learned that it is because he feels threatened. I therefore asked myself, why would he feel so threatened by the idea of me being wedded to someone, that he would go all out, from as early as my childhood, to try to impress upon my mind, such a lie?

Then the answer came: It had to be because of the MINISTRY behind it. He KNEW what God would eventually birth in my heart in respect of the theme for my Wedding Day and the ministry he would use my marriage to a special and blessed someone, to achieve, for his heavenly Kingdom.

Of necessity therefore because there is such great purpose behind my life and for my future marriage, I can only give my heart and self to someone in a marriage, where we can take each other’s hand to work as a team, enjoying each other while sharing God’s gospel and promoting HIS glory, in our demonstration of the beautiful virtues of love, faithfulness, commitment, respect, honour, forgiveness, grace and selflessness.

Since the devil is a liar, has always been from the beginning and has tried so hard to convince me that I do not qualify to be a wife (and still tries miserably to date), I KNOW, in addition to what God has promised me from his Word, that by the grace and mercy of God and provided it is within his will and I submit to his plan and let him have his way, I SHALL be married.

It may not be in my timing and I may have to wait longer than I had hoped or anticipated but I KNOW it will all come together in HIS divine timing and according to HIS divine purpose. For, he is a God that makes ALL things beautiful in HIS time, in HIS way and according to HIS methods.

Furthermore, I know the enemy is not going to like it but NEVERTHELESS, despite all he has tried to do to prevent it, I have resolved in my heart that I SHALL give God ALL the praise, honour and glory due unto his name when that time comes for me to walk down the aisle and my future husband and I (shout out to him wherever he is right now!), SHALL go on to do GREAT exploits for God’s Kingdom.

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(Written on 3rd April, 2017)

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