(The Single Woman Series – Batch 2)

In a world where many christian women are pleading with God to send them husbands, this morning as I left the Church building after Sunday service, I found myself praying another prayer.

I have prayed in the past that God would keep me from distractions, which included Christian men that were not his will for me but this morning, I felt led to pray further. I asked the Lord to please keep me from all men, including THE ONE, until I got established spiritually where he wanted me to be and until I was fully walking in and committed to the work he had for me to do. I had had a few experiences before, where I saw a guy at Church that I really liked and it took my focus off of Christ. I no longer wanted that.

“Keep me from all distractions Lord,” I prayed. “And don’t allow the devil to send anyone to derail my purpose and my focus. Keep me even from THE RIGHT ONE until I am where you want me to be and I am completely focused on you and then, you can send him.”

While the grey strands that have begun to make an appearance at the front of my head and my rising age may feel betrayed by this prayer (Did I mention that I grow a year older this month?), it was a prayer I needed to pray and I meant it.

I needed to be rightly positioned within God’s field before THE RIGHT ONE came along or else, what would I do with him? I needed the space right now to focus on my Lord exclusively, to continue to grow spiritually and to get more involved in his Kingdom work with no excuses.

When I am in that place that he wants me to be, then and only then, would the time be right for God to send him. Then and only then will we be able to be a powerhouse together. Make no mistake, I want nothing less. I need to be with a man where, when we become one, we do GREAT exploits for God. I envision a union that is not just for my pleasure but mostly for the furtherance of the gospel and God’s love ministry.

I’ve never really stopped witnessing for Christ but I feel like I need to be more involved in the local Church (which ‘coincidentally?’ was the subject of the sermon this morning) before MR RIGHT makes his appearance.

And so, while women all over the world pray for God to send them the one, quick (and I have been there), today, my prayer is that God will hold his hand and keep him from me until the time is right, after I have had the opportunity to refocus and radiate God’s glory some more and be fully involved in his work of evangelism and edification.

(Written on 5th February, 2017)

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