(The Single Woman Series – Batch 2)

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation or season for so long, that the question comes to mind: Has God forgotten me? Deep down, you know he hasn’t. He has perfect memory and if you are his child in that you believe in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from your heart and you have confessed with your mouth that he is Lord, then God has you engraved upon the palm of his hand. He will never leave you or forsake you and even when you are confused as to what he has been doing (as I have been on occasion), know that he has not forgotten you.

Whenever the enemy tries to whisper in your ear as you see other sisters and brothers advance in life (which you ought to be happy for) and you seemingly remain stuck in that situation or season, remember the following facts:

It looked like God had forgotten Job and then he intervened.

It looked like God had forgotten Joseph but then he stepped in.

It looked like God had forgotten the promises he had given to David but then he delivered him and did what he said he would do for him.

It looked like God had forgotten the woman with the issue of blood who had spent twelve long years spending all that she had on physicians and to no avail but then God allowed her to partake of a miracle.

It certainly looked like Jesus had forgotten Lazarus who went from sickness to death and from death to stinking but even after four days of death, Jesus had not forgotten him.

Not because things ‘look’ a certain way does it mean that that is the case.

Sometimes, I’ll admit, my storms are so many, so frequent and so intense, that to the world, it appears that God has forgotten me.

But I know in who I have believed. He has not forgotten me.

He turned the page of the story of all of these people and one day, one fine day, he will do the same for me. It may not be today. It might not be tomorrow but one fine day, he will look down from heaven and pour me out a blessing.

(Written on 29th January, 2017)

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