(The Single Women Series – Batch 2)

If there is one thing I would want my future husband to remember throughout our courtship, on our Wedding day and throughout our marriage, is that I belong to God but have merely been leased to him.

I am not his property, contrary to popular belief about relationships. Him wedding me does not make me his. I am merely loaned to him until my heavenly Father decides to take me back. The same holds true for him, as a son of God. God has gifted us to each other, for a time and a season.

I would therefore like my husband to remember this truth and to make the most of the time he has been privileged to spend with me. I would like him to remember that, as with all leases, there is consideration to be paid and he has signed up, as is reasonable, to render an ongoing payment of sacrificial love.

I would like him to treat me at all times with the special care he would give to something he has borrowed and knows he must return, in good condition.

Because I am not his, I hope that he will remember not to ever take me for granted because I will not always be his wife. At some point, either when God comes or takes me or him home, all husband and wife relations will have ended. I hope he remembers that since he borrowed me from the most high God, that he remains accountable to him throughout our marriage.

If, God forbid, he mistreats me, I hope he knows that his prayers may not be answered by God (1 Peter 3:7).

Finally, I hope, given that I am a child of the King and a Royal daughter by birth through Jesus Christ, that my husband-to-be never forgets how precious and valuable I am to the Father, of my worth and that this is reflected in the respect he shows me continuously.

(Written on 4th December, 2016)

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