(The Single Woman Series – Batch 2)

I was looking at Facebook this afternoon after spending the day relaxing, giving God praise and feeling a bit guilty for having done nothing (its Saturday) while having tonnes of office work still outstanding that I was supposed to do. It is amazing how quickly time flies!

As I opened Facebook, I saw a notification in my box and when I clicked on it, it was a lovely picture of a christian couple that were engaged and had done official photos to celebrate.

I was elated and could hardly contain my excitement. Apart from being a ‘weddingaholic’, whenever God blesses his children, I feel overjoyed because there is so much grief and sadness in the world, that the good news is is a beautiful contrast. It is good to take time to celebrate the good that God is still doing here on earth.

I added my comment to the picture and then literally followed every additional comment and like and love they got for the afternoon. As things stand now, the count is about 133 likes and loves. Awesome!

The news made me think about the goodness of God. He is so good to every one of his children, even if he blesses us in different ways and in different time periods.

Then, only a few hours later, I saw a comment on another christian lady’s page about a woman being presented to her husband-to-be by God and I thought: It is such a privilege to be presented!

Those christian women that are married now or engaged or in a Christ-centred relationship, should forever be grateful and humbled by what God has done (if he brought them to the person they are with) and magnify his name.

Many women are still waiting to be presented and have not yet experienced that blissful moment of having met THE ONE. And yes I know that you will most likely not know he is THE ONE until you get to know him but I believe that for some women, God can definitely let you know from the moment that guy approaches, that he is meant for you and only you! (Ohhh! So romantic).

I thought about my situation and I said to myself: “I have never been presented.”

This is something I obviously know but in this moment, I truly felt it, a bit of sadness from never having experienced being brought to a man for the purpose of love, marriage, family life and ministry, by the God that created me.

It left me feeling a bit sad because to date, God has not seen it fit to present me to any man, as the wife he wants him to have. Then there are the nagging thoughts: Is it that I am not good enough? Is it that I would be an embarrassment? Or not worthy to be aligned to one of these quality men?

But I know that those are thoughts from the devil.

Maybe I still need to be worked on. God knows I have a lot of imperfections but there is so much beauty and strength and grace and love and talent and abilities that God has placed in me, that I know it would be an honour for a man to have my hand in marriage.

Whatever God intends for my life is already scripted. Once he intends for me to be married, it is married I shall be and therefore, the presentation, though long in coming is surely on its way.

Sometimes though, I wish that the presentation could have taken place already as I long to have quality time in a courtship. I have never been the rushing type and I believe in taking time to really get to know someone. But then I look at the clock and my age and I am like, Lord, what is going on? What time will I have to court this person? I really don’t want to be a first time mother in my old age!

But whenever I am baffled as to what God is doing, I remember that time belongs to him. It is in his hands and I just need to let go and let him be God.

I know though, that the day he presents me to the man he wants me to marry and the day I recognise it, I will most likely break down and cry (privately of course) with tears of gratitude. It is such an honour, a real humbling honour, to be presented by almighty God to one of his sons. It should NEVER be taken for granted.

Some women go through their whole lives and long for a presentation and it never happens.

If it happens for you, give God praise because he has graced you with a presentation.

If time is going and you are aging though (like me) and the presentation is taking longer than you expected, give God praise anyway. He is blessing you in other ways I am sure. Your bless meter is never empty. He is always filling something in your life, even if it is not yet your time to awaken love.

So for me, love sleeps on but I know, that when God is ready to awaken it in the form of one of his sons, he will present me (this little black girl), to the man I am destined to be with.

Until then, life goes on and I continue to celebrate my God’s goodness.

(Written on 3rd December, 2016)

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