(The Single Woman Series – Batch 2)

Lord, send me such a man.

Send me a man that is not a man that claims to have made a profession of his belief in Jesus Christ but is materialistic and runs like the rest of the world after money, career, education, promotion, the acquisition of things, investments and advancement. Keep from me that man that has money and getting ahead, on the throne of his heart and is prepared to put you second, while he pursues these ‘things’.

It breaks my heart Lord, that this is prevalent in the Churches today, where the mighty dollar is reverenced, people no longer have time for you and don’t want to give to worthy causes or give stingily or selfishly as an investment where they expect returns, all because money and pursuing ‘the better life’ has become their God.

Lord, send me a man that is not one that has made a profession of salvation through Jesus Christ but is more interested in so-called ‘Gospel’ concerts, ‘Christian’ entertainment, jumping to upbeat, feel-good ‘christian’ songs, sometimes even with a flag in hand but does not like to spend time in your Word, does not fervently and effectively pray, is a negligent Christian, lacks a proper biblical foundation, does not know much about you and your character and what you like and don’t like and is not really prepared to stand for you when it counts most, even if it means walking away from a job or losing his life for Christ’s sake.

Lord, send me a man that is not involved in a whole lot of ‘activities’ in the Church or that takes pride in some earthly Church membership but does not or no longer shares the GOSPEL with those he meets on a day-to-day basis. Keep me from the man that is content with his live but cares nothing about the less fortunate or the souls that perish everyday. Send me a man that understands, that all the choir music and singing and participating in the Church sport’s day and many activities are all SECOND to the mandate to go out and PREACH/TELL OTHERS about how they can avoid a hot hell and inherit eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lord, send me a man whose priorities are right, whose focus is right, where it is Jesus first and everything else after, where he examines everything by the standard of Christ and pursues being a disciple with every breath he takes.

Interestingly, when I read the Bible, I don’t see early disciples (followers of Christ) that were fixated with GETTING but SERVING. Feeling good and enjoying life, while certainly good were not their FOCUS. Denying THEMSELVES, taking up their CROSS and SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS of salvation was.

Lord, send me a man that is not fixated on what he can get from you and does not just comb the scriptures to pull out all the promises you have made to the Israelites and to your children, to benefit HIMSELF. Keep me from such a man Lord, that talks more about what you can do for us and how you can bless us and how to get a miracle from you and how God can turn your finances around and give you what you want and desire, than about God himself and loving him just because he is God and that he is much more than a God that just gives things.

Provide me with a man that serves you and spends time reading ALL of your Word, without thinking only or mainly of how to extract blessings from you. Provide me with a man that reads your Word first and foremost, to learn more about you and your character because he loves you and wants to know what you love and what you hate and wants to truly emulate the Lord Jesus Christ without being focused on getting from you, as if you were some kind of genie or santa claus.

You are so much Lord, than the God we go to get things. I apologise Lord for what we have made it Lord. We have made Christianity about ourselves, when it has always and will always be about you! Why can’t we serve you for you and just because you are God? Why does it always have to be about what we can get from you?

It breaks my heart Lord, to see that for so many, Christianity has become a means to using you Lord, to get what they want or something that is attractive to hold, as if it were some kind of title but yet to abandon or place on the backburner when the going gets rough and a sacrificial stand has to be taken or a means of just enjoying your self with music and jumping up and down and having a great time.

Yet the foundation is lacking God. I see the early disciples sold out completely for you and that is what I want Lord and what I want to be aligned with: Sold out at ALL costs. Provide such a man Lord, that you know to be similarly minded. Nobody else will do Lord.

People are not truly spending time in your Word. The joy of the Lord has been replaced by the joy of getting things, the joy of feeling good and the joy of getting ahead. Is it Lord, that Churches are not feeding their congregation the right diet anymore? Is it that Churches are spending too much time just selecting the scriptures they can use to show people how to GET from God but not enough time finding and sharing those scriptures about how God expects us to GIVE to him of our time, our money, our obedience, our sincere heart worship or allegiance and to suffer for his sake and to take up our cross and follow him and to deny the flesh and to have no idols before him and that he is a God to be feared and that we are to live wholly surrendered, sacrificial lives to him, meaning that sometimes, what he wants for us may not be what we want for ourselves?

The direction I see so many Churches and so-called Christians going, Father, breaks my heart. When did it become about us? I always thought it was ALL about you.

So Father, please send me a man that desires you above all else and that is prepared to take a stand, no matter the consequences, for Jesus Christ and that is not carried away by these trends that I am seeing in the Church but remains grounded in the fundamentals of his faith.

Let me see Jesus Christ in him Lord, although I know that he will not be perfect and I am not but let his faith and his Godly character stand out to me and let me find it attractive Lord, over and above every other attraction.

And I pray that you will take care of the other aspects of attraction, so that I find him to be physically appealing and emotionally attractive as well.

I must needs wait on you Lord. When I consider the stakes and what I NEED Lord, I cannot choose for myself. I wouldn’t even know where to start because I don’t know the hearts of men.

Have your way Lord. Write me the love story that my heart desires, one that will bring you honour and glory, one where there is true connectivity, friendship and divine compatibility between myself and the one you have sent me. Thank you for doing it in advance Lord and may your name be glorified in everything, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Written on 29th October, 2016)

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