(The Single Woman Series – Batch 5)

Others may be way ahead but never take a step forward until the Lord gives you the green light. When he says wait, wait, no matter how tired you are of being stuck at that point and how exciting the road looks ahead.

It may look safe to proceed but if the light is on red, it is for a reason. Trust and obey.

Worry not about arriving late or being left behind. The God who is directing the traffic, also has his hands on the dial.

Whether people want to honk their horns in ridicule or to stare at you in bewilderment as they pass by, stay put. You’ve been directed to wait, for as long as it takes and so waiting is the best thing that you can do in that moment.

Truth be told, some rush off in a hurry but never reach their destination. Reckless disregard for the Lord of the traffic, some abandon the course and others get pulled over.

Many a ruin have come from desperation, moving way too fast and on the wrong signal. Some drive for miles for the sake of driving, while having not a clue as to why they’re on the road or to where they’re headed. Blinded by the bright lights of just “fitting in”, they steer ahead aimlessly. Alas, due to a lack of vision, the people perish.

From your vantage point of sitting still, observe what you can and learn valuable lessons. This is not about what others are doing or how far they have reached. It is about you taking the course that God has set for you and moving in HIS timing.

But when God says move though, move. When that light distinctly changes from red, to yellow and then to green, don’t remain where you are at, as if in a daze. Now is not the time for trepidation or to act as if you’re caught off guard. Realize that HE has given you the green light. HE is saying it is okay to go ahead. It is now safe and the right time, to move forward. Move.

When God gives you the green light, drive responsibly but be sure to take in the scenery and capture snapshots along the way. In short, enjoy the journey.

(Written on 9th April, 2023, added to thereafter)


I wrote the above Article today, after discovering that a lady who has professed Christianity, apparently got her ‘go ahead’ from the Lord, for a relationship. She announced with pictures of her surprise engagement, that she was getting married, when people did not even know that her status had changed from single to being in a relationship.

Provided it was of the Lord, I was happy for her and so were many other people. Many may have thought, given her calling, that she would remain single all life long but it seemed that God had other plans.

Although happy for her, as I always am once I believe that God is in a union between two of his children, I thought on my own situation and felt a bit bad. Here I was, older and still stuck along what seemed like the forever single lane. Here I was, having sort of met a guy I had liked some weeks ago but being given a red light by the Lord, letting me know that no, it was not safe to allow him to pursue me.

Seemingly, I was at a standstill for so long, even as friends, family members and fellow Christians moved forward, found their significant others, got engaged, married and had children. My age was rising but yet, Prince Charming never seemed to put in an appearance. Was he even looking for me? Where was he and why was he being withheld from me (if I am to get married) for so long?

Yet, despite me feeling tired of waiting, I knew that for as long as God saw it fit for me to stay put, as long as he desired the light to be on red, that was the best place for me to be. If for a lifetime (hopefully not), then so be it. God is in control of my life and Jesus is Lord, so surrendering to his Lordship means to submit to whatever is his plan, even if it involves waiting and waiting and waiting, for what seems like a lifetime and suffering in the process.

And so, I have not yet been given the green light to be pursued by any man. I am still single therefore and while I long for my status to change and to experience what it is like to have my own special someone to love and to be loved in return, I will continue to wait because God is giving the directions and right now, the light is still on red.

(Addendum written on 9th April, 2023)

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