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I am confident that the Lord’s itinerary for me is a good itinerary

That he is a God that is able to stop time, reverse time, accelerate time or redeem time

That he is able to use every rejection as a redirection to get me to exactly where he wants me to be

That he will lock one hundred doors to get you to just one

That he will plan your life out perfectly if you hire him for the job

That he is intentional and strategic, though often times not understood

That he is always on time, deliberate, all-knowing and wise

That he will sometimes allow you to fail, then use those failures as the very material upon which the success he gives you is to be based

That he can take pieces of a puzzle scattered in disarray and methodically re-assemble them to create the picture he always intended

That his grace is sufficient

That in weakness, he shows himself strong

That all my steps are ordered by him

That my faith in him is not misplaced

That everything under the heavens belong to him, according to him

That he is ever merciful

And all powerful

That he operates without limit and casually steps in when he feels like and transforms situations

That he raises the dead to life and gives hope to the hopeless

That he can blow your mind effortlessly (in a good way) while having fun doing it

That he can take the best of your desires and expectations and still outdo them;

That he is a God that dusts off dreams from the shelf and gives new beginnings

That with him, all things are possible and my faith in him is enough

That his ways are definitely not our ways

And these are just some of the reasons why I love him.

(Written on 4th May, 2015)

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