(The Single Woman Series – Batch 4)

I thought it would be fun to write to my future husband…again, this time listing what I would say are the positive traits about myself and my character.

Now, I am far from perfect and there are many things that I need to work on by God’s grace but there are many beautiful aspects of my character as well and I have decided to list them.

I therefore wrote:

Dear future husband, like every human being, I have good, bad and ugly ways and habits in me and am trusting Jesus to help me get rid of the bad and ugly. Due to the grace of God however, although imperfect, below is a list of seventy (70) positive character traits about me I think you will love.

1. I am highly creative

2. I am very passionate

3. I am deep thinking

4. I am very philosophical

5. I have a good measure of wisdom

6. I am down to earth and generally humble

7. I am a fighter and resilient

8. I am caring and generally kind

9. I am considerate of others

10. I am elegant and classy

11. I have a good sense of style

12. I know how to do without and still get by in life

13. I am generally optimistic and positive in perspective

14. I have a spirit of thanksgiving

15. I value my relationship with Jesus above everything else in this life

16. I am an independent thinker

17. I am very opinionated

18. I am a person of integrity

19. I am generally good at cooking

20. I am good at decorating interiors

21. I am good at writing

22. I am incredibly unique

23. I am interestingly mysterious

24. I am multi-faceted and multi-layered

25. I have high standards

26. I am very loving

27. I am very exciting to be around

28. I have a spirit of excellence by doing everything I put my hands to, to the best of my ability

29. I have a rich personality

30. I am fun-filled

31. I am joyful

32. I am deep-feeling and emotional

33. I am generally content

34. I am domestic

35. I have a good sense of self-awareness

36. I am beautiful in an unconventional, unique sort of way

37. I am prone to forgive

38. I am very helpful

39. I am giving

40. I am highly selfless

41. I have strong leadership ability

42. I am very principled

43. I am respect-worthy

44. I am memorable

45. I am a breath of fresh air

46. I overflow with potential

47. I am very reliable

48. I am generally trustworthy

49. I am truthful and honest

50. I am understanding

51. I am empathetic and compassionate

52. I am highly perceptive, discerning, have insight and am intuitive

53. I have a great sense of humour

54. I am fair and reasonable

55. I am mannerly and courteous

56. I am appreciative and grateful

57. I am very talented and skilled

58. I am faith-filled

59. I am quality-oriented

60. I am modest

61. I am generally confident

62. I am hopelessly romantic

63. I am adventurous

64. I am analytical

65. I am strong-minded

66. I am generally inspiring

67. I am strong

68. I am diligent and industrious

69. I am determined and persevering

70. (I’m still thinking of no. 70. By the time you come into my life, I’ll have it. Don’t forget to ask me)

(Written on 23rd September, 2019)

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