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At a point in my life where everything had seemingly come to a standstill, nothing was working out for me and I was in a low place, I had much time to think and to ponder on life and I wrote some thoughts down. Here are some of my musings from the pit, written on 10th March, 2016:


I have learned that whenever you find yourself in a deep ditch and dirt starts falling on your head, you have one of four choices: You can sit sulkily and cry or you can scream to the top of your lungs in the hope that some random passer-by will hear, take pity and come and help you. Then again, you can try your best to become like a spider and try to make the slippery climb or… you can praise your way out.


When a caterpillar enters a cocoon, one day passes and then another and then another. An observer upon seeing no activity, no movement, no anything, would most likely conclude that that caterpillar has died within the cocoon that has encircled it.

He would think to himself, “Surely, it must have grown hungry! Surely, it must have been lonely! It could not possibly have survived and be sustained for so long in that shell!”

Because that observer does not understand the process of metamorphosis, he takes the view that all that is left after such a death is the rotting process to begin and to be completed. But then, suddenly, when it is least expected, a beautiful and colourful sight emerges – It’s… a butterfly! and with new wings, it rises higher than the caterpillar could have ever dreamed or anyone could have ever envisioned. #keepthefaith   #resurrectionpower     #thebloodstillprevails


There is a special anointing in pain. I have observed that, if the sufferer will maintain the right attitude through his sufferings, God will insert himself into that pain and then create out of it, a product to reach others. Because that product was birthed from pain, it is especially sweet, is powerful enough to break yokes and to grant unto some who would walk in faith, their healing, breakthrough and deliverance.


The greatest disservice or injustice a man can do to himself is to go through life (every ounce of it) without ever having sought an audience with his maker. While on earth, the stage is set. The platform’s ready. His maker bids him come. Alas, we wait and wait and wait for what? We must seek God in his timing and on his terms and he says TODAY is the acceptable time. Tomorrow is not guaranteed but death and judgment are common to all men.


People like to give the impression that they have everything under control but none of us are in control of anything in this life. You can have everything today and lose it tomorrow. You can be up on a mount today and down in the valley tomorrow. You can be alive today and six feet below tomorrow or the day after that or the day after that.

Think about it: None of us made the decision to be placed on this earth and to be ourselves. None of us had any say in when we would come and where we would be born. None of us were consulted as to the looks and features we would have or which family we would be placed in. Finally, none of us has any say in when we will leave or how we will go.

The long and short of it is that none of us have the reins of control over this life. One would think that this would be enough to make all of humanity humble and understanding when people go through adversities. Unfortunately, it is not.

Don’t let people make you feel that they have it altogether and that you are somehow less because your life seems to be in shambles. Nobody gets to escape this life and all that it WILL at some point, throw at you. Christ is the sure foundation, the only foundation. With him on your side and in your heart, all hell may break loose but your faith WILL STAND. You WILL come out the better for it because it is not by might, nor by power but by HIS spirit. So sayeth the Lord.

(Written on 10th March, 2016)

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