(The Single Woman Series – Batch 4)

There is a difference in the way a MAN OF THE WORLD (someone that has no relationship with Jesus) and a MAN OF GOD (someone that has relationship with Jesus) operates. The philosophies of these two men are polar opposites and it is demonstrated in how they treat women.

If you are not a Christian, you may see no difference between the two or even find the man of the world to be more appealing because you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ, THE LIGHT. Like the man of the world, you are still in darkness and are therefore blinded by the enemy’s deception.

If you are a Christian however, through discernment, you should be able to spot the differences (so to speak) between these two types of men. One is spiritually alive whereas the other is spiritually dead and it reflects in the way they think and how they treat the women around them.

Having said all that, I’ve compiled a list below of some of the characteristics of a typical man of the world and then I’ve compared them with those of a typical man of God. While there are exceptions on both sides of the spectrum, what I’ve listed below is what you can generally expect from a man of the world, whether you find him at work, at a function, on a plane, on the streets or even in the Church.

CHARACTERISTIC 1 – The man of the world tends to be disrespectful in his speech and conduct toward you.

Outside of Christ, the man of the world doesn’t have the dignity and respectability that comes only from relationship with the Lord. He may dress nice but he is clothed in sin and is therefore spiritually in tatters. If he is unable through blinded eyes, to understand his value and purpose in life, he will certainly not see and understand your God-given value and worth, as a human being, as a Christian and as a woman.

On the other hand, the godly man operates with respect because he serves and knows a respectable God. As a by-product, you being one of God’s best creations, he therefore sees your worth and appreciates your God-given value. He demonstrates this consistently by treating you with the dignity and respect that you deserve.

CHARACTERISTIC 2 – The man of the world tends to focus only or mainly on your physical appearance.

The man of the world is mainly interested typically, in how you look, your body, your shape and your physical beauty. He is only interested in your body, not who you are as a person or your soul or your personality or your mind or your life story and purpose. He isn’t interested in the package of all that constitutes you, only how your body could potentially satisfy his lustful desires.

On the other hand, the godly man knows God placed you here for a purpose and he is interested in all of your story. He is intrigued by your character, your morals, your beliefs, your outlook on life, your unique personality, your mind and all that you are. He is excited about God’s plans for your life and all he created you to be and he sees you as a person.

CHARACTERISTIC 3 – The man of the world tends to engage in filthy, cheap, talk.

All the man of the world typically sees you as is a sex object, not a person and this flows from his speech. It is mostly if not entirely, unproductive, vulgar and corrupt.

On the other hand, the Godly man’s talk is sound, edifying, uplifting, pure, encouraging, wise, interesting, profitable and Christ-glorifying.

CHARACTERISTIC 4 – The man of the world tends to be impatient and rushed.

The concept of waiting is foreign to a man of the world. He selfishly wants whatever he wants, now. Courting, getting to know someone and waiting until marriage to get physically intimate is foolish to him. He will not even exercise patience in his initial conversations with you but will jump straight to what interests him, which is your body and how it can please him. It is all about him.

On the other hand, the godly man takes quality time to get to know you, what makes you tick and enjoys this time with you because he likes who you are as a person and in time, if it is God’s will, grows to love you. There is no rush. He understands that building a proper and sturdy foundation for a relationship is important, so he puts Christ at the centre of all interactions. Mind you, the godly man is a man at heart and is still attracted physically by what he sees but he will exercise self-control and patience, for these are virtues manifested by the Spirit within him, which he has from God. He relies on God constantly for strength to endure and he waits patiently until he has committed himself to you completely by marriage, in the sight of God and earthly witnesses, before becoming physically intimate with you.

CHARACTERISTIC 5 – The man of the world tends to be selfish.

The man of the world cares not about what you want or your standards or your beliefs. It is only about what he wants. The world revolves around him and his life and his satisfying all of his desires.

On the other hand, the godly man puts Christ’s interests and your interests above his own. He truly esteems you better than he does himself as the Word of God requires of Christians. When he says he loves you, he does not mean that he sees you as an avenue to benefit himself but that he wants what’s best for you, wants to see you succeed in life, he sees your beauty (not just physical) and wants to be the one to invest in a lifetime of contributing to you, as you develop and become all that God created you to be.


On the whole, the list above is not exhaustive. There are other differences but you get the picture.

If you are a Christian lady and say you love Jesus Christ, then you are no longer in the domain of darkness but have been brought out into God’s glorious light. Have nothing to do therefore with the man of the world. He is not relationship material and he is NOT for God’s precious daughters. He may mean well but his master is the devil and all he wants to do is kill, steal and destroy your dreams, your dignity, your future and your testimony.

(Written on 01st August, 2019)

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