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No matter what, keep building.

I had to remind myself of this today, as I felt a bit down in the dumps because my situation had seemingly remained the same for so many years.

I wanted to throw in the towel, to give up. Nobody seemed to care and everybody had seemingly already declared me a failure. I was hurting so much inside, had been screaming for so long for help but nobody heard my cries. I wanted to be a success so bad but kept feeling like a colossal mess and failure.

Yet, although tempted to just give up and sit in a corner and feel sorry for how my life had turned out thus far and because I did not have the power of myself to change it and was not sure exactly why Jesus had not yet stepped in to do so, I knew I had to keep building.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but it was eventually built. Nobody has the power to get God to show up exactly when they want him to but he does show up in his own divine timing. Ask Lazarus.

I knew in my heart that although there was much I did not understand about my life story, God was still in control and on the throne. His power remained limitless and he could flip my script at anytime, if he desired.

I just had to keep on, keeping on.

With this in mind, I wrote:

Tired? Keep building. Weary? Keep building.

Fed up? Keep building. Afraid? Keep building.

Lonely? Keep building. Ignored? Keep building.

Deserted? Keep building. Unappreciated? Keep building.

Belittled? Keep building. Ridiculed? Keep building.

Criticized? Keep building. Misunderstood? Keep building.

Disliked? Keep building. Hated? Keep building.

Not forgiven? Keep building. Hurting? Keep building.

Sad? Keep building.

And when the Lord changes your script…Keep praising.

As I close, may I remind you (and myself) that Galatians 6:9 states: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

This work that I’m doing, which started on Facebook in 2018 and continued here on this Website, some people think to be nothing useful and a complete waste of time. They’ve dismissed it, thinking that God could never use me to do anything significant or worthwhile. This discouragement has come from even some family members, making you feel that you should not go on and that you should just give up what you’re doing.

They have an idea of what your life should look like and what you should be doing and they want you to do what they want you to do, not necessarily what God has called you to.

Yet, I KNOW what God has placed inside me and when he causes the hearts of his children to be stirred up to do the work he ordained for them to do before the foundation of the world, NOBODY but God, if he so desires, can stop them. Support or no support therefore, even on days when the discouragement is strong, they will continue to build, even if others think that their time should be better spent elsewhere and that they should just stop.

I will keep my eyes on Jesus Christ, block out the voice of the naysayers, the critics and those who do nothing but discourage and attack me with their words because the enemy is using them to try to derail me and KEEP BUILDING.

Sometimes, the verbal attacks are downright abusive, people seeing you as nothing more than their punchbag and a worthless dog, them having the right to insult you, to let you know that whatever you do is not good enough, that you are a nobody and that how you feel and when you hurt at their verbally and psychologically abusive treatment, it doesn’t matter. They even try to make you feel guilty and to surround you with a great wave of discouragement. All of this is calculated by the enemy to get you to give up in despair and to stop building but by the grace of almighty God, I will not. The good Lord who knows my heart and who gave me the work in the first place, will be the Judge of what I build, not man. I WILL CONTINUE.

(Written on 27th August, 2019, adjusted thereafter) (SCROLL DOWN FURTHER TO SEE ADDENDUM BELOW VIDEO)

I would like to add to this Article that about four months after I wrote this, I believe God led me to a song on YouTube which I had never heard before. It is my view that he usually gives me a song as a year is about to end and for 2019, the song was: GREAT WORK by Brian Courtney Wilson. Check it out in the link provided below or just type it in on YouTube. The words were so timely.

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