(The Faith Forum Series – Batch 3)

Dear Christian,

Are you going through awful sterility, stagnancy, feeling stuck, in a rut and drained? Do you feel as if you’ve lost your vitality, that you are pretty much lifeless from the storms, that you are merely going through the motions and dead and forgotten by the world?

Have no fear. Death MUST come before the RESURRECTION. It is an essential part of the process, to get you to the destination. Don’t run away from the bridge. To get to the other side, you MUST cross over it.

Once you have faithfully gone through what you believed to be the worst and with a good attitude, you will find that on the other side, God can bring your dead dreams back to life. He can calm all of your storms and enable you to rise up and do great exploits.

He can change any situation. He can turn your mourning into joy. He can make you dance again, to his glory, whereas before, you were lifeless. He can replenish your weary, parched soul with living water. For with man, there are some things that are impossible but with God, ALL things are possible.

Keep the faith in Jesus. God will raise you from the dead.

(Written on 30th August, 2018)

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