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Today, I prayed to God to provide meaningful relationships in my life, good godly friends with whom I could be vulnerable with, obtain good counsel, pray with over life’s issues and also for a love companion. Then, I remembered that the next Article due to be posted on the ‘SINGLE DAUGHTERS OF GOD – HEPHZIBAH DIARIES’ Page was about relationships and loneliness! How timely!

It is a prayer actually, that I prayed and recorded last year and when I started to upload it to this page, it further dawned on me that I prayed it and wrote it exactly one (1) year ago! I don’t know if this is significant in anyway but I have taken note of it. Today is July 25th, 2019 and I wrote and prayed my initial prayer last year July 26th, 2018. A full year!

Well, needless to say, the loneliness situation has persisted but so has my faith that Jesus could change my circumstance or else I would not have prayed about it….again.

Here is the prayer I prayed from the heart last year:

  • Our Father in heaven, I feel so lonely at times that sometimes it makes me sad. You have always been with me and for this I am immensely grateful. However, I do not believe that you created mankind, even when in relationship with you, to exist in this world in isolation.
  • I admit Lord, that I need good company in my life. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot but I admit that I can’t do life by myself. I need help from others. I need their love, their support, their encouragement, their good advice, their acceptance, their respect and their friendships.
  • I pray almighty God that you would have mercy on my situation of solitude which I have suffered for years and will bring me up out of it.
  • I pray that you will provide a loving husband for me, healthy children of our own and that family life that I have always dreamed of but which has not materialized to date.
  • I know you know how old I am and that you have not forgotten me.
  • I long Lord, to experience the love of a man the way you intended, as I have had only bad treatment, hurt and bad results to date. I pray that you will also provide good friendships for me with people who are also your children and that we will enjoy each other’s company, respect each other and delight in edifying, praying for and building each other up.
  • I pray almighty God that you would handpick the people you want in my life, not to hurt or harm me but to help me to get further where you want me to be spiritually, in you. Provide the right people that understand me, my life philosophy and who are as committed to your fundamental principles of truth, as I am.
  • Take control of the area of relationships in my life Lord and please bring me out of this awful solitude. Deliver me from anti-socialism, where I have gotten used to being by myself and have become unwilling (although I am lonely), to meet people.
  • Keep me from people, like those who have entered my life in the past (who you have gotten rid of), to hurt me, monitor me, take from me, compete with me, pull me down, ridicule me or gossip about me. Send me people Lord, that would be invested in building me up and helping me to be and achieve all that you have ordained for me to achieve in this life, in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.”

(Written on 26th July, 2018)

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