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I wrote the affirmations below with the intention of declaring them out loud each day, due to what I was going through at the time and three major areas I had identified, that were negatively affecting my life.

I knew that I had no power in myself to effect the changes I desired to see but due to the many lies of the enemy, I saw the need to recondition my mind to dwell on that which was true, which was that I had hope in Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. I therefore desired that, as I taught my mind to dwell on that which was true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, where there was virtue and praise, that God would choose to operate through my faith in HIM and in HIS power, to bring about the changes I desired.

Feel free to apply the affirmations to your own life if you are dealing with something similar or to craft your own, based on truths from God’s Word.


I am NO LONGER LOCKED INTO MY PAST but in Jesus’ name, I break that chain through forgiveness of all who wronged me or made me feel badly about myself.

I ACCEPT that I made many mistakes but that God has completely forgiven me due to my repentance and that whereas some tensions remain as a consequence of the things that occurred, that God is able to handle that.

I am EXCITED about what God is doing in my life right now and about the future that I am trusting him to create for me, to his honour and glory.

I am CONVINCED that what God wishes to do in my life at this moment and what he has planned for my future and the remainder of my life is far better than anything and anyone and any memory or occurrence from my past. I therefore release all those in my past, setting them free to also pursue God, his righteousness which is in Jesus Christ and all that God may have in store for them as well, if they would submit their lives to him.

I open my arms wide to all that God wishes to provide for me in my future.

I will NO LONGER BE IMMOBILIZED BY FEAR because in the name of Jesus, I break that chain and bind that spirit. The Spirit that the Lord has given me is not of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

In the mighty name of Jesus in whom I have entrusted my life therefore, I loose confidence, good self-worth, peace and security, such as is provided by God and I replace my self-consciousness with Christ-consciousness. I press on in the spirit, in boldness and God-given courage, to do and achieve whatever great exploits are within the perfect will of God for my life.

I will no longer fear THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS, how I may appear or sound to them or whether they will like and accept me because I am a precious and dearly loved daughter of the King and I am accepted by Him. Those in proper alignment with him therefore, will also accept and love me. I will not fear what man may do or threaten to do to me because God is my strong tower and fortress. He protects me and preserves me and all my enemies have to come through him first, before they can get to me.

I will not fear MY PAST, MY PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES, MY FUTURE which is unknown AND THE FACT THAT GOD MAY NOT GIVE ME EVERYTHING MY HEART DESIRES. This is because God has forgiven me of my past sins, he is sanctifying me daily as I submit to him, it is written that he is a God that is able to take a person’s ashes and give beauty in exchange and I am trusting him to do just that with my life story. Also, he already had a plan for me in mind before he created me, so my future is completely in his hands.

I will not fear FINANCIAL LACK AND INSUFFICIENCY because as God’s child, he has promised to provide for my every need and he will save me from having to beg or to rely on others for my daily sustenance. He will grant me finances in so far as he knows I need it, to become all that he has planned for me to become and to achieve his Kingdom purposes for my life.

I will not fear THE ENDLESS WEAKNESSES I STILL SEE IN ME AND MY NATURE because I surrender them all now to Jesus, who is able to provide supernatural healing and wholeness and in record time.

I will not fear THE DEVIL’S CONCOCTIONS AND STRATEGIES for my demise and confusion because they are all overthrown in the mighty name of Jesus and he is already a defeated foe. I declare that it is the Lord’s purposes for me, that shall be established and nothing else. I don’t ever intend to let go of the Lord Jesus Christ, although many have been commissioned to try to make me do so and I know that He holds me firmly within his grasp and will never let me go. I am in covenant with God through the Lord Jesus Christ forever and I would have it no other way. Jesus has my heart, my soul, my mind, my body and my spirit because I have willingly surrendered them all and all that I am to HIS LORDSHIP. I will therefore continue to cling to Christ, no matter what and no matter what the enemy tries.

I will no longer fear MY INADEQUACIES because God is able to make me better in the areas I lack and wherever I am weak, he is able to be strong. I can still be victorious because it is not by might or by my power that the victory comes but by his Spirit. It is HE that will make the difference in my life.

I will NO LONGER BE ISOLATED BY REJECTION because I break that chain in Jesus’ name.

I am PART OF THE BODY OF CHRIST and therefore have a valid and vital contribution to make to the health of the whole body as it grows.

I have been FORMED CAREFULLY AND METICULOUSLY according to God’s will alone and without him feeling the need to consult anybody in this world, as to whether I should be created and brought into it. I am therefore THE PRODUCT OF HIS PERFECT PLAN for me to be here and in this time and he has not yet taken me out of the world because it is in keeping with his perfect plan for me to still be here to date.

God’s perfect plan and will trumps and renders invalid, the opinions of man. What they think of me and my significance does not matter. Only what God thinks and has purposed is true.

Not only have I been formed by the Creator, brought safely into this world and preserved up to this point but he has given me the assurance that because I am in Christ Jesus, I am ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED. He told the Israelites and I believe it to be true to me as well, under the New Covenant that I have with him, “And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you.” (Isaiah 46:4).

Given that I belong to Christ, I will be accepted by all those who are also genuinely in Christ, are in proper alignment with his will and ways and are submitting properly to him and his Lordship.

Whenever the world says NO to me, it is really God allowing them to say no, in most cases, so that I can be protected and further guided along the perfect way and path that he has planned for me, according to his wisdom and divine purposes. For all that have shut the door on me or said no to me therefore, I say thank you because that was not God’s will for my life and God’s will for my life is all that I am after.

For those family members and members in the household of faith that are not accepting of me, I forgive them in Jesus’ name, I will continue to love and pray for them to come into proper alignment with how God feels about me. He can still work on those relationships because nothing is too hard for him to do and I still have hope that one day, he will change their hearts and their minds in relation to me, so that they too will acknowledge what he has already declared, that I am precious and of great worth in Christ.

I will no longer be preoccupied on the issue of non-acceptance or allow people with a flawed perception of me to make me feel guilty of something I am not guilty of or to retie me to my past or to make me feel less worthy than I ought to feel or insecure. I hold on firmly to the peace that God has given me and wants me to have and I turn all those that position themselves as my enemy, over to God for him to handle.

I am and will always be a FIRST-RATE, HIGH-QUALITY, PRECIOUS AND SIGNIFICANT CITIZEN OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS and none can pluck me out of HIS hand because it is Jesus’s blood and not any other man, that has redeemed me. I am therefore WORTHY of being loved, appreciated, accepted, affirmed, treated with dignity and embraced and fellow Christians in right alignment with God know this or will soon come to know it.

I am moving forward to all that God desires for me and will no longer be restrained, suppressed, derailed or distracted by the world, the flesh and the devil. I will become more mature spiritually in Jesus Christ and set my heart to achieve all that he wants me to achieve in this life.

Father in heaven, I cancel and vehemently reject all lies that the devil has told me or tried to implant in my mind and I pray that you will cause your truth, which I wholeheartedly embrace, to flood and saturate my soul, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Written on 2nd October, 2017, added to thereafter)

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