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I already know that when God brings into my life the man he wants me to marry, it will not be just an ordinary courtship but one that will be used as a ministry to bring him glory. When he does it, as much as I like my privacy, it will not just be for my pleasure but I will be expected to use it to promote my heavenly Father. I can hardly wait!

In fact, I’ve been thinking, that I have so much planned to glorify God when he sends Mr. Right my way, that it is arguable that I am more excited about the ministry that will come as a result of it, than the happiness I will personally derive from loving and being loved by a God-sent, God-fearing man.

I feel like God has been preparing me. When he crafts my love story, it wouldn’t be a story for just me but for others. He is going to use my story to edify others and I am so humbled at the prospect. I pray that the man he sends me will be aligned to my purpose and will be on board with all this and I know that God will answer my prayer.

Similarly, when I become engaged and walk down the aisle, that too will be ministry because it will be a testament of God’s grace, his forgiveness, his mercy, his power and his awesomeness!

And I know I’m sounding a little bit crazy because right now, there is not a man in sight but strong faith in Jesus Christ does that sometimes. I am holding on to what I KNOW God is able to do and what I BELIEVE against all odds, that he personally promised me first in 2013 and then again in 2014, from his Word.

Yes two years have passed and seemingly nothing has happened but if it is one thing I have learned in this life, it is that God’s timing is not our timing. He does things whenever he wants and however he wants and it is our place to wait in faith.

I’ve learned too that he is a SUDDENLY God. One day, you could just be going about your business and SUDDENLY, your love story begins. He brings about THE meeting and your beautiful relationship ministry commences.

I have a thing with rainbows. Whenever I see a rainbow across the sky, I view it as God reminding me that, no matter what I may be going through, that he is with me. However, whenever I search for it, like on a particularly rainy day, I never find it. Yet the most beautiful moments have been when I casually look up to the sky while I’m walking outside, unintentionally and see it in all its radiant glory! That is how God operates. He likes to surprise. We can’t figure him out and so, no matter how analytical I am, I have learned that I shouldn’t even try.

I have seen other Christian couples promote their relationship as a ministry for God’s glory and I feel this pull inside. I am like, “God, I want to do that too! We may not be on YouTube but you can certainly find ways to use my love story for your glory.”

I am so excited and I trust that my future husband, wherever he is right now is excited as well.

God is awesome and a love relationship with a man is one of the tools I am going to use to promote this.

Thank you Lord, in advance.

Interestingly, there are many people who have given up on me because so much time has passed and I am still single and disengaged. HOWEVER, what they do not know is that God has purposely held me back while he processes me and prepares me and that he is busily engineering things and writing a story behind the scenes. When HE is ready, he will bring it to pass and would have orchestrated things for HIS glory.

I realize that I was not called to have an ordinary love story where the boy meets girl, boy professes his love, proposes on one knee, they marry in a simple ceremony and then join the statistics as a married couple. No! God has something BIGGER planned and he has been telling me that GREATER IS COMING…

The man the Lord wants to send me has not even arrived yet and he has me writing up all this stuff. He keeps depositing these Articles into my spirit so that I must write them. Imagine what He will do when MR RIGHT does arrive…

That is why I can’t be derailed by distractions. That is why I have no time for mindless chatter, gossip, who said what or did what or to be embroiled in any more time wasting drama. God has said separate yourself from all of that nonsense, for the work I have for you to do.

God has a work for me and I need to FOCUS! It is much bigger than me, so I need to TRUST!

What he plans to do with this little black girl from a very small village is EPIC, so much so that I am humbled he chose me. He intends to extract all that he has placed in me and over the years, he has placed a lot. To God be the glory!

Divine compatibility must therefore be the standard for the man that joins me in this ministry. I can’t just link up with anyone. I can’t just be fascinated with good looks or a fascinating voice. God will take care of the attraction part but I MUST wait on Him to do the choosing because he knows (not me), who he has appointed to accompany me on this extraordinary journey.

When he does it, it wouldn’t be about me or the wonderful man he sends me. We will certainly take delight in each other yes but Jesus will be centre stage. It is my vision and desire that God will grant me a relationship where people would not see me or my significant other but Jesus through our relationship.

And when you see me featuring this mystery man in the future, know that he did not come through any ability or effort of my own. In a million years I would have never gotten him through my own effort but it will be God that makes the difference. He will be God-sent.

Grant me my request almighty God, in Jesus’ name and in my heart, I know you’ve told me, that it is already done.

(Written on 8th August, 2016)

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