(The Faith Forum Series – Batch 3)

I’m tired of being told I can’t, I wouldn’t or that I’m not good enough.

I am a Daughter of the King and therefore, in my veins lies the resurrection power of God, the same power through which, after Jesus had been buffeted, beaten and crucified, he rose up again on the third day! (Matthew 28:6 KJV).

That is how I KNOW that this child shall rise again. That is how I KNOW that all that the Lord has planned and willed for my life will come to pass, despite how much time has passed, how many mistakes I have made, what people have said and the lies that that wicked devil has tried to make me believe.

He only tries to make me believe something when I am the opposite and when God has purposed otherwise. Since I was a child, he has tried to make me believe that I am a nobody, has lined people up to laugh at me and has sent all manner of oppression and abuse my way… BUT GOD!

My story is not yet over and it ends well because it ends in VICTORY! I am more than enough through Jesus Christ. After all the insults, the humiliation, the disrespect, the oppression, the belittling and the abuse, by the grace of God I SHALL RISE AGAIN and I SHALL SOAR!

That evil one would never have sent so many people in my life to try to suppress me, if God didn’t plan for me to soar.

When God delivers me from this latest onslaught of attack I am facing at my workplace, one day I will look back and give God praise because despite all they did to try to destroy my spirit, I am STILL beautiful (and one day God’s gonna send someone to see it), I am STILL a success, I am STILL rising and God will STILL be glorified in my ascent.

Thank you in advance Jesus.

(Written on 29th January, 2017)


On 5th April, 2022, more than five years later, still dealing with attempts by people to suppress, belittle and discourage me, I wrote to myself:

“I don’t care what people think or what they’ve said. Get ready because you my dear ARE GOING PLACES! Take one step at a time, trust in the Lord always as he alone has the power to make a difference, do your best with what you’ve been given and rely on him to do the rest.”

(Addendum written on 5th April, 2022)

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