(The Single Woman Series – Batch 3)

I’ve touched on this issue before, but lately, I’ve been longing again for the spiritual blessings that come with marriage, to the point where the emotional and physical benefits have been placed on the back-burner of my mind.

For me, there are three (3) main spiritual blessings that I believe a God-ordained marriage between two of God’s children brings and to be quite truthful, I desire it. I consider Christians who are in this sort of marriage union, to be considerably blessed of the Lord and take the view that they should never ever take these benefits for granted.

For me, the three (3) main spiritual benefits of a God-approved marriage, which I desire in my life (although I am still single at the moment) are as follows:


I get the beautiful privilege of having someone to discuss the Word of God with on an ongoing basis and life in general and biblical truths that guide our perspective on it and what I’ve discerned or the enlightenment I have received on an issue, based on God’s Word and what I’ve gleaned as I progressively grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus. I will have someone with whom I can build up my faith and give my testimony to and with whom I can share the endless experiences I’ve had with the Lord thus far, on my Christian journey. He will listen, he will want to hear, he will share the same things with me as I listen and we will have deep and rewarding discussions because we both love truth. As a result, I will face the world more fortified in my faith, confident and bold when I’ve taken a stand for Christ and with my husband’s love and encouragement to continue pressing on for Christ.


I get the beautiful privilege of having someone to pray for me, not just once or here and there but on an ongoing basis and repeatedly because he is not going anyway, he is in my corner, he is invested in me selflessly because he loves me dearly and is rooting for my holistic success. He will pray fervently to God out of a pure heart and with a pure motive for my areas of weakness or imperfections, that God will change them, that I will grow spiritually and he will intercede on my behalf when problems come my way or I am hurting and his love is not enough to bring me the comfort, help or solution I need. I have come to realize what a blessing having someone pray for you is and instead of having to ask someone to pray for you every now and then, who may just utter some noncommittal prayers or not even remember your request, in marriage, you have your own husband to shower you and cover you with his prayers. For me, that means that I would be very blessed.


I get the beautiful privilege of having someone to do Ministry with, on an ongoing basis, to set a positive example in our marriage to those looking on, to teach them what real love with Christ in the middle looks like, to reach people together, to show them love, to bring edification to believers wherever God will have us do same based on our gifts and talents and to point people in the direction of Christ, through a range of activities customized to us and our abilities and strengths and to do work for God’s Kingdom, excitingly and passionately, which God ordained for us to do as a couple, even before the foundation of the world.

Lately, these are the desires that I’ve been having, trumping all other desires. I long for the spiritual benefits of marriage and I pray to God that he provides me with one of his chosen sons soon.

(Written on 22nd April, 2021)

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