(The Single Woman Series -Batch 3)

I don’t care what I see, how old I get, what people have told me or what they think. I STILL believe that my spouse is on his way. I can therefore say resolutely therefore, that I am single yes but only for now. I am not married as yet because it is only a matter of time before God intervenes and blesses me with what I don’t even deserve.

I don’t know when he will do it and that sometimes has me feeling a bit edgy and impatient but I believe that whatever time he chooses will be best because he is God and his will is perfect.

I’ve been told that I will never get married by more than one person throughout my life and many other hurtful things but I have learned to recognize that the devil tries to convince you of a LIE when he knows of the TRUTH that surrounds your life, in terms of what God has planned for you.

I believe that my God-sent spouse is coming because:

  • 1. I believe God promised me at least two children, while reading his Word and I know he is not going to send them falling from the sky;
  • 2. I believe that God is all powerful and that absolutely nothing is too hard for him to do. Jesus has said over and over again, that if we believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. He has also demonstrated in the lives of others, that having faith in him to do what seems to be an impossibility, will make us whole;
  • 3. I believe the Lord rewards persistence and strong faith and I have never stopped asking him for a husband and a family of my own and don’t ever intend to stop until I have it or believe that he wants me to stop. It has been more than a decade that I have actually been involved in any way with any man and I have never ever been formally given the title of girlfriend or been in a formally defined relationship with any one. However, I intend to keep on praying because God is able to give me one of his high quality sons and I am convinced that only he could work the miracle I need in my life, to go from my singleness to a married woman and one day, a mother of at least two.
  • 4. Too many people have said that I would not marry or thought it. I have learned from the attacks I have received in this area, where people told me I would never marry from even when I was a young child and not even thinking of marriage and into my adult years, that that was the devil using them to try to convince me of a lie. He (the devil) doesn’t want me to get married. He has made that clear in the people he has sent to tell me I would never be a wife or to mess with my mind and try to mess up my life… BUT GOD! I believe that God has told me through His Word that I will be married and once he did, it is a done deal! On that day, it will be to his honour and glory because I will publicly praise His name. He ALONE is worthy and when he provides for me and sends a man for me to walk down the altar to, it will be a testament of his might and that His power trumps all. It will silence the naysayers, defeat wicked expectations and expose the devil for what he is and has always been, which is a pathetic liar. Additionally, the God I serve embraces the reject and disappoints those who see you as hopeless and worthless. I have been rejected by men, job opportunities, people, friends, some family members and life in general, so much so, that many people have dismissed me as hopeless and think that I will never amount to anything much… BUT GOD!
  • 5. God is a God of Resurrection Power and I have had so many dead situations in my life that the atmosphere is ripe for me to be raised from the deadness of my circumstances. My situation screams for a MIRACLE and I KNOW that my Jesus is an on time God.
  • 6. God has been meticulously preparing me through lessons, radio programmes, sermons, Bible study, painful experiences etc. to be more spiritually mature, on how to be a good wife and to handle a husband. I have much more to learn still but I am so grateful for all that he has been teaching me, particularly from the year 2009 to now. I sat humbly at the feet of Jesus and learned. Now, I am able to share some of my lessons and God-given wisdom on the topic of relationships, through these Articles with other women.

So, I reiterate: I am single…for now and I am not married…as yet.

But keep looking. My God is faithful. What I have seen him do for other Christians and family members, he WILL do for me too because his riches in glory are not limited. He is able to provide for everyone and still have left-overs.

One day, one FINE day, my status will change. This season of singleness which has had its ups and downs but has certainly been beautiful and worth it, will come to an end and I will be promoted by God to the role of being a wife, to one of HIS dearly beloved sons.

I am not perfect but I know that he will be immensely blessed by my being in his life. I have been asking God particularly, to let me be a wife that is a blessing to my husband and vice versa.

I believe that the best love stories are written by God. That is why I handed the pen and paper over to him years ago and asked him to write me one, where he gets ALL the glory.

I trust him completely, even through these long years of waiting or perhaps I should say, processing. He has been doing such a work in me and I trust he is doing the same for my future husband.

No matter what people say or think, always keep your eyes on the Lord. It is only what he thinks about you that matters. If you are his, then you are blessed and highly favoured! Keep the faith! Keep the hope! Once it is the will of God, your husband is on his way!

Who knows, he may even be on the doorsteps. Ask God, like I have, to prepare you even for the presentation because it may be sooner than you even think.

(Written on 15th October, 2016)

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