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It seems like I am on a roll today. It just dawned on me that this is my third note for the day. Oh well. Whenever the good Lord gives it, I must needs type it.

I was just thinking about precious moments, moments that are so beautiful, that I can hardly wait, yet wait on God I must.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when God presents you (introduces you) to the man he wants you to marry.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when that man expresses his interest in you, not as a fling or sexual object but as a girlfriend on the road to becoming a fiance, on the road to becoming a wife and mother.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when that man sums up the courage to tell you he loves you and because you feel the same (although you dared not utter it before), you tell him you do him too.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when God confirms that he is what HE wants for you and you are who HE wants for him.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when that man surprises you by humbly, sincerely, respectfully (and excitedly!) asking for your hand in marriage.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when you walk down the aisle in royalty to meet your God-ordained husband in the presence of all of heaven and some of earth.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when you finally have ALL of your husband to yourself and while God looks on in approval and applause, your bodies become one for the first time, demonstrated in a powerful and significant act of love.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when your Doctor tells you you’re pregnant.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when, after entrusting your life into God’s hands, he gives you the strength and you are handed a bouncing baby girl or boy (or both!)

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when you get to live the life and have the kind of family God always envisioned for you, despite all the devil did to try to prevent it.

PRECIOUS MOMENT is when challenges may come but you and your household gather together for prayer, knowing that God is STILL in control and that with Jesus, we are overcomers.

On this day, 06th August, 2016, none of these precious moments have yet transpired in my life but I am confident that God is going to grant me every one of them. And I know that precious moments extend beyond the family life circle and events and that there are precious moments even when things are not perfect but at this point in time, these precious moments are my heart’s desires.

Many have concluded that I will never have these moments because too much time has passed or because I’ve made mistakes in life or because I’ve had so many years of what they deem to be inaction.

But my FAITH still stands and I think to myself: They don’t know the God I serve or how big and mighty He is. In my mind, these precious moments are a done deal. It is only a matter of when. God does not care about my age or my shortcomings or what anybody says or thinks for that matter. He does what he does without any apology!

I believe that God will grant them to me because I believe that he gave me certain promises which he WILL fulfill. See, God is not a man that he would lie. If he says he is going to do something, he does it, although in his own timing.

So I continue to live my life and serve God while I wait patiently on these PRECIOUS MOMENTS. When each occurs, remember I said in advance that He would bring them to pass and let that stand as a testament of his power, magnificence and faithfulness.

When these PRECIOUS MOMENTS occur, I will give my God ALL the glory as he deserves and I pray that you will rejoice with me. And when these moments occur, know that it was not by my might or by my power that any of it happened but by the Spirit of the one true and living God. (Zechariah 4:6).

(Written on 6th August, 2016)

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