(The Single Woman Series)

I’ve prayed like this for months but this evening, I prayed it again, careful to focus on certain essentials. The choice of a spouse was something I needed to get right and only God could help me to make the right decisions and choices. Only he could give me what my heart sought after, that is, to be squarely within his perfect will and to bring glory to his name in my love story. Only he could cause me to be noticed by the One he had reserved for me and so I prayed… again.

I was confident that what he did for Adam and Eve and Isaac and Rebekah and countless other couples, some of whom I had the privilege of witnessing his mighty love pen at work, he could do for me. And so I prayed…again.

My prayer:


The choice of a spouse is outside of my jurisdiction and the timing for him to come into my life for the purpose of courting and ultimately marriage is out of my jurisdiction. But they are not outside of yours. These are Godly functions and so Lord I pray that you will take complete control over my love story. I trust you completely and even more than I do myself. So I pray that you will craft me a love story that only you could write.

I pray for divine compatibility almighty God and that the spouse that you send me will complement me on all levels, especially in the area of my God-given life purpose. I pray that you will provide someone that I will be attracted to spiritually, emotionally and physically, someone that is not just attractive and who I am attracted to but who is also attract-worthy.

Provide me Lord with a man after your own heart, not a boy who does not know what he is about or understand how to lead but provide me with a man.

I pray almighty God that you will present me to him in your own perfect timing. I am getting older yes but I am willing to wait because I know that your timing is best. I pray Lord that you will not just present me to him, (as in opening his eyes to really see and notice me) but that you will give him the courage as only you alone could give, to approach me.

When he does almighty God, I pray that you will alert me that it is safe to allow him to pursue me and that you have approved of me at least getting to know him better. And let things not be forced almighty God but let things just flow. I pray almighty God that you will grant him the discernment to see the value that you have placed in me and vice versa and I pray that you will use our meeting, our courtship, our engagement, our wedding, our marriage and our family life, to point the glory right back at you, where it belongs.

Thank you for doing it almighty God and in the interim, whenever I do see someone that I am attracted to, as I have on some occasions, I pray that you will keep me still and stable and focused on the Lord Jesus Christ, Father in heaven. And I pray that you would take that attraction away from me, so that I will not be distracted. For you have not yet made your presentation and I do not want to rush ahead of you.

If the person I see is who you want for me, then it is not yet the right time that you have appointed for our embarking upon anything, so it is not your will for me to become anxious about it. And if it is not the one that you want for me, then it is nothing but a strategy of the devil and I REFUSE to be distracted or deceived.

I will wait. I am content in waiting on you Lord. Until you are ready almighty God, to present me to my future husband, keep me and my eyes, my will and my emotions from all distractions, in Jesus’ precious and mighty name, Amen.

(Written and prayed on 09th July, 2016)

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