(The Called To Be A Wife Series – Batch 3)

On 19th July, 2019, as a single woman, I put up this quote on my personal Facebook Page:

Then, I wrote:

Someone told me today that I was too picky… but not really. Men have crossed my path but I haven’t met THIS MAN (described here) yet.

I believe I will know him when he comes, for he will remind me of my Lord Jesus Christ and emulate the kind of love he has for me: A forgiving love, an ardent love, a selfless love, a patient love, a gracious love, a fiery love, a merciful love, a respectful love, a precious love, a faithful love, a pure love, a giving love; a love that waits, a love that covers, a love that conquers, a love that protects, a love that cherishes, a love that rejoices, a love that is not puffed up and which does not boast, a love that realizes my God-given value, my worth and is humbled by the fact that God has allowed him to cross my path, not temporarily but permanently for as long as we both shall live.

I am waiting on the sort of man that I can’t ‘happen’ upon by coincidence, that no earthly person can set me up with. I’m waiting on the sort of man that only the true and living God can send to me, as a gift.

James 1:17 tells me that: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

I am therefore waiting on God to bring me to a good and perfect gift, in the form of a husband. He did it for Isaac and Rebekah so I don’t see why he can’t do it for me.

Now when I say perfect, I don’t mean that the man God brings me will not have flaws and imperfections. I am sure he will have, even as I also have but still, he will be perfectly compatible for me, on all dimensions.

Yes I know the wait has been long, so much so that many believe that my time for love has passed. Thankfully, my life and future are in the hands of the true and living God and not man and only he gets to determine the timing for everything in my life. I believe, that as long as the wait has been (and it has been long), that when that kind of rare, unique and precious love comes, the wait would have been worth it.

In the meanwhile, God is working on me, ’cause the Lord knows, I have areas in my life that need to be fixed, mended and healed.

Am I too big a dreamer? Is it nothing but wishful thinking?

Well, I will have to WAIT and see. I know that I know that I KNOW that my God is able and this is easy for him to bring to pass.

What I have envisioned is so beautiful, that I would rather remain single all of my life, than to compromise. I just can’t accept less than God’s best.

(Written on 19th July, 2019, added to thereafter)

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