(The Courting Or Engaged Series – Batch 2)

I am seeing a trend beginning to emerge where brides are spending money on the dress, decorations, the Reception venue and everything else under the sun but are slowly easing out the Ceremonial part of the Wedding, even being dismissive and flippant about it.

On YouTube, I observed at least two couples within one week, do the same nonsense.

Sad to say, in my view, this is a strategy of the devil and the two couples I observed on YouTube are being used to infect people with the idea, that you can have the bling, the expense, the glitz, the glama, the beauty, the party, the love and the fun, without having to acknowledge God.

In the first video, the bride had all the aspects of her Wedding recorded so that her audience on YouTube could view it, except the Ceremony. She simply allowed her viewers to see when she left the Church building and walked down the stairs. This was disappointing. For, she showed everything else, except that, if I remember correctly, even the part where she was getting ready for the Wedding, the picture taking, the Reception but no Ceremony.

In my view, she was therefore sending the message, that that part was not important and therefore, did not need to be featured in the video.

The second bride had a destination Wedding and kept informing her YouTube viewers in advance as to how beautiful the location was. She revealed her Wedding invitation online and was pleased with how unique it turned out, getting everyone all hyped up for a proper wedding with a Ceremony.

However, this too turned out to be a let down, at least for me. For, she later revealed that she had engaged in a civil sort of service, where the legal formalities of a contract is where the emphasis is placed and that she and her husband simply had family members come over later, to just say a few words on behalf of the couple, without having a religious person officiate.

In my view, this highlights the fact that many would rather have a quick civil Ceremony and sign as being married because they don’t want a Church service. To make it clear, I am not adopting the position that a Wedding must be held in a Church building but there should be a proper service, in my view, where God is properly acknowledged as being at the center, as orchestrating the union and being the lifeline of it as it goes forward.

People however, don’t want to give God what he is due. They don’t want to spend the time to acknowledge that marriage, which is a union between a man and a woman is HIS institution and HIS idea. They would prefer to do some quick formalities and get that over and done with than to spend time in a service (whether in a building or not), to meditate on the fact that God is real, that he is in charge and to reflect on spiritual things.

For a true Christian Wedding involving two of God’s children (that is, a man and a woman that have both believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and confessed him as Lord in their lives), the religious Ceremony is the most important part of the Day, as it is God that is doing the joining. Him joining the couple is more important than the signing of the marriage register to abide with earthly laws. For, it is His spiritual joining that validates the union, not really the signing.

Irrespective of the nonsensical trend I see emerging, my dream is to have a beautiful Ceremony and to spend quality time in the house of God, instead of rushing to get on to what people tend to view as more fun things, planned for the evening. Spending time in God’s presence is the most important and beautiful part of such a day and I want my husband, myself and our guests to bask slowly in it, without rushing.

It is the Lord that we will be depending on to keep our union together, to strengthen us, preserve us and bless us.

Make no mistake, the main event for the true Christian Wedding is supposed to be the Ceremony which is spiritually significant, not the Reception (which caters to the flesh through food, drink, music and entertainment) or any other activity planned for that day.

The world has taken Jesus out of Christmas (replacing him with a fictitious santa claus and referring to CHRISTmas as X-mas), they have taken Jesus out of Easter (replacing him with a silly bunny and eggs, none of which died and rose again due to the sins of mankind) and now, through discernment, it is clear that they have subtly begun to try to take him out of Weddings.

People love the money-making aspect of Weddings which is big business but alas, they are slowly trying to push Jesus out of the very institution that God created.

Nevertheless, rebellious man is his own worst enemy for we cannot rebel against the God who created us and win. When Jesus returns, EVERY knee (including that of those who were rebellious while on earth and wanted to hear nothing of him) WILL bow and EVERY tongue WILL confess that JESUS IS LORD to the glory of GOD THE FATHER (Philippians 2:10-11 KJV)

(Commenced on 6th June, 2018; Completed on 28th October, 2020)

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