(My One Day Dream Wedding Series)

For God to orchestrate a meeting (as only He can do), whereby he presents you (imperfect and undeserving as you are) to one of his sons, who He has handpicked…is humbling;

And for God to impress upon that man’s mind (as only He can do), to be patient with you, to get to know you, to pursue you, all fueled by a fire of unwavering interest he finds impossible to extinguish, a fire put in his soul by the almighty God, which lights his path in your direction and gives him eyes of discernment to see your God-given value…is humbling;

And for God to do a work on that man’s heart (as only He can do), so that this man wants you, wants to protect you, wants what is best for you, wants to invest the rest of his life in you and be with you in every way possible because of the strength and integrity of the love he has for you…is humbling;

And for God to give that man courage and timing and strategy and means (as only He can do) and generally all that that man would need to get down on one knee to make proposition to you, sincerely, humbly, romantically, custom-fit to you, at the right time and in the right way, knowing full well that he is turning his back forever, on all other women, yet being confident in Christ, of his one-way decision and crazily, without apology, excitedly doing it, no less and in style…is humbling;

And for God to defy all the odds and the will of the enemy (as only He can do), disregard time, your past, your mistakes, your blunders, pay no heed to your critics, the malicious, the jeerers, the naysayers and your non-supporters and take you from life as a single woman and join you in matrimony to the one He planned all along for you to marry and in the Wedding of your dreams or perhaps greater than your dreams…is humbling;

And for God to teach you what you need to know (as only He can do), as you both learn to love each other exclusively, selflessly, passionately, completely (spiritually, emotionally and physically,) so much so, that for as long as you both shall live, absolutely no one else will do…is humbling;

And for God to choose from the height and beauty of your union with this man, now your husband (as only He can do), to give you conception and then to birth new life through you from two lowly, weak and imperfect human vessels…is humbling.

All of this I am yet to experience. Indeed, some go through all of life and are never graced with these wonderful experiences. If you are one that God has blessed in this regard, then from someone that can only speak of all this theoretically, that dreams and desires every day, that one day and in the days to come, that these experiences will be mine, I say to you: Please, don’t ever take what God has done for you, for granted. For, it is…humbling.

(Written on 18th June, 2019, amended on 17th August, 2019)

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