(The Courting Or Engaged Series)

So, he finally popped the question and everyone is excited for you! As they wait with bated breath, they are all hoping (some even expecting) to be on the guest list and can’t wait to see you walk down that aisle.

They are sure that you are on cloud nine and that you’re probably the happiest girl in the world right now. After all, which woman is not euphoric when the man of her dreams proposes and in so doing, commits his life to her forever?

If you are a child of the King and God approves of your union, this is how you are supposed to be feeling about your upcoming wedding, even if you don’t like planning. For, a Wedding is the beginning of a whole new family, a mighty Ministry and this is a pretty significant milestone in your life.

If however, you do not feel at peace with your decision, you need to figure out why.

Be honest with yourself. Is your heart feeling heavy when you think of your engagement? This is supposed to be a joyous time but yet is there a nagging feeling that you cannot shake? Are you thinking that maybe you are making a mistake or that you should wait?

You are sure you love this man but does he fervently love you? Are you both agreed when it comes to religion, beliefs, values, perspective on life and on your future goals and objectives? Are there trust and respect and communication issues that have not yet been sorted out between the two of you?

If so, remember that marriage is lovely but it is not a band-aid for relationship sores.

If you haven’t yet gotten married to what you know in your heart will be the worst mistake of your life, you still have the opportunity to leave.

If you are a Christian, my questions is: Are you sure that God has approved of your union or is this something that you have willed and brought about through your own efforts? Don’t be blinded by what you think is love or the pressure that comes from family, Church folk and friends. Listen to what God is telling you. Open your eyes to what HE is showing you.

If you are not a Christian but you know the guy will bring you nothing but continued pain, then you have something called instinct. RUN! FLEE!

If you are not sure what to do, in addition to seeking God in prayer and consulting the Bible for some practical information, guidance and advice, you may consider reading the Articles I have listed below.

If after praying to God and seeking counsel from his Word, you don’t have peace about your upcoming nuptials and if after reading the Articles below, your sense of alarm, despair, sadness or discomfort increases, then you know what you have to do.

If however, you feel at peace with your decision are convinced after praying, studying God’s Word and seeking godly counsel, that this union is of God and if after reading the Articles below, your heart is settled because it confirms that you made the right decision, then congratulations as you move forward! May your marriage be all that you have dreamed and more.

(Written on 23rd June 2020)

To find Articles, simply cut and paste or type the name of the Article in the search bar or click on the Page and scroll down.


  • Note 1 – ‘God-sent v Devil-sent – The Difference’
  • Note 2 – ‘God-sent or Just God-ly?’
  • Note 5 – ‘How To Tell If He’s Your God-sent And Not Just God-ly’
  • Note 15 – ‘Does He Love You Fervently?’
  • Note 21 – ‘Does He Love You or Lust You?’
  • Note 54 – ‘Before You Say ‘I Do’
  • Note 71 – ‘You Are Second-Guessing Your Relationship – What To Do?’


  • Note 3 – ‘Are You His Plan A?’
  • Note 6 – ‘When He Proposes’
  • Note 8 – ‘My Quick Ten (10) Point Checklist – Is He The One?’
  • Note 18 – ‘You Can’t Change Him’
  • Note 19 – ‘You Are Not Perfect. Can He Handle That?’
  • Note 20 – ‘Equation For Relationship Success’
  • Note 21 ‘When He Doesn’t See Your Worth’
  • Note 51 – ‘Characteristics Of A Counterfeit’
  • Note 58 – ‘To Tell If He’s The One, Put On Your Spiritual Glasses’
  • Note 68 – ‘My Detailed List – What I Want In A Divinely Compatible Spouse’
  • Note 75 –The Danger Of Impatience – He’s Taking Too Long’
  • Note 131 – ‘What I Need in a Spouse’
  • Note 158 – ‘What Does The Bible Say About Being Unequally Yoked With An Unbeliever?’
  • Note 257 – ‘How Does God Speak To His Children?’
  • Note 260 – ‘The Man Of The World vs. The Man Of God’
  • Note 262 – ‘Common Sense Tips For Choosing The Right One’
  • Note 271 – ‘Did You Imagine The Abuse’?
  • Note 291 – ‘Can A Narcissist Be A Christian?’

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