Dear Daughter of God,

Under the ‘BROKEN Daughters of God – HEPHZIBAH DIARIES’ Page, you can expect to find a list of Articles as laid out below. Each Article is numbered and is in chronological order.

To find an Article, you may scroll down under the ‘BROKEN Daughters of God’ Page or you may simply copy and past or retype the name of the Article in the search bar provided and click ‘enter’.


1. God, Be Merciful To Me A Sinner

2. Would God Want Me Back, Now?

3. On The Lonely Road Back To Restoration

4. Once You Repent, There Is Always Hope In Jesus

5. Forgiveness, The Sea Of Forgetfulness And Freedom

6. Backslidden? Idolatry Is The Culprit

7. The Backslider And The Book Of Lamentations

8. Wounded Soldiers – Will You Just Pass By?

9. When Family Disappoints

10. How God Wants Us To Treat With Our Idols

11. What Is Repentance?

12. After Repentance – Deliverance From Guilt And Shame

13. Backslider, Repent!

14. Christians Are Not Sinless But They Sin Less

15. A Light Above The Brightness Of The Sun

16. Come Away…To Jesus

17. Just One Thing May Be Holding You Back

18. What Is God Calling You To Cast Out Of Your Life?

19. What Jesus Thinks Of You Is All That Matters

20. God’s Power To Save Is Greater Than Your Sin

21. The Blessing Of Brokenness

22. After Repentance, Must You Wear A Perpetual Badge Of Shame?

23. Why You May Be Attracting Mocking And Ridicule

24. Are Some People Intent On Painting You Black?

25. The Bummer Lamb

26. The Dying Thief

27. He Is The God Of Second Chances

28. It’s Not A Big Deal Or Is It?

29. Of All People, God Chose…

30. His Grace Is Sufficient And His Blood Is Enough

31. A Magnificent Work Of Grace

32. Until These Calamities Be Overpast

33. A Comeback – Better Than Before

34. Wisdom Is The Principal Thing

35. Four (4) Ways To Ease Your Burdens

36. The Faithfulness Of God – Remembering How Far We’ve Come

37. His Heart Is For Reconciliation And Restoration

38. Is Your Family Dysfunctional?

39. They Say I’m Crazy

40. When Life Throws You Lemons

41. Do You Feel Broken?

42. When You Are For Peace But They Are For War

43. Judah And Its Babylonian Captivity

44. Walking And Leaping And Praising God

45. Mocking Motivates Me

46. Damaged Goods

47. A Sea Of Trouble

48. What Faith Can Do

49. Am I Beyond Hope?

50. Hedged In: A Sea Of Hurt

51. The Greatest Doctor Of All Time

52. You Matter!

53. Character Assassination

54. Afflicted And Tossed With Tempest

55. God’s Voice vs The Devil’s Voice

56. Pursuing God’s Path? Expect Opposition

57. Eight (8) Lessons About Sin

58. Broken, But Trusting

59. Salvation For the Wicked

60. Serving God But Suffering

61. God – Master Builder and Expert Planter

62. Is There Not A Balm In Gilead?

63. Is It Really God’s Fault Or Yours?

64. The God That Never Leaves Us Or Forsakes Us

65. Are You A Doer?

66. Bow The Knee

67. No Man Cared For My Soul

68. What You’re Going Through Is Nothing New

69. You Are Beautiful And Incredibly Valuable

70. Heartbreak – He Broke Up With Me!

71. Stressed? How To Always Look Radiant

72. When All Seems Lost

73. When God Seems Silent And Hard To Find

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