(The Information & Edification Series – Batch 4)

Tonight I cried because a truth hit me in a much deeper way than it ever has before. I love how God reminds me of his truths and how we can saturate ourselves in it again and again, without ever getting fed up of it. Sometimes, he causes what we already know, to be planted even deeper in our hearts than before and I believe that this is what he did tonight and I am so grateful.

After reading some scriptures, I wrote:

I belong to Jesus. I am Jesus-owned and I am so glad!

He bought me with a price and so I don’t own myself. Phew! I’m so relieved. I’m his responsibility and so that takes a whole lot of burden off of my shoulders! Imagine if I had to own myself and manage myself, what a mess I would make of it. I am so unqualified and incompetent for the job, that I would undoubtedly end up a colossal failure. But the one who owns the universe and holds it in his hands, owns me! What joy this brings my soul.

I belong to Jesus. Did you hear me? I am Jesus-owned and I am glad!

It feels so good to belong to someone, not just anyone but someone who cares and who is guaranteed to take very good care of me.

He bought me with a price and so I don’t own myself. What is particularly beautiful is that Jesus did not buy me as a chore. He wanted me and so included me in the list of people he died for in this world (which is everyone) and elected me since before the foundation of this world and before I had even been fearfully and wonderfully made, to be redeemed to God.

He wanted to own me and I am so glad! To know that I am accepted in the beloved and that I am where he wanted me to be, which is safe in his loving and protective arms, makes me feel so special!

It does not matter who does not like me therefore or that I am in a world where no one wants me. The God of the whole creation wanted me and acted upon it. He pursued after me, a reject in this world, an underdog and treated by many as a dog and he laid claim to me, even as Boaz did Ruth, despite her baggage.

Like Boaz did Ruth, he gave his word and voluntarily committed to love me for a lifetime and forevermore. He gave his word that he would never leave me or forsake me, that I am his and he is mine, that his banner over me is love, that I have been adopted into his royal family and given power to become a child of God.

I am so grateful to be owned by the God of creation and humbled by the fact that he wanted me. Him having bought me with a price, I am not my own. I belong to him and therefore, I must glorify him in my body and in my spirit, which are his.

(Written on 3rd June, 2021)


Even when I’m feeling awful, look the worst, mess up really badly or am the most unpopular, I STILL belong to Jesus! This has been difficult for me to process because it is unlike the so-called ‘love’ of man. Yet, it is true.

As human beings, we ‘love’ with conditions and based on circumstances but Jesus’ love for those who belong to him is unconditional, enduring. It never changes and it never wanes, even when we are most undeserving. This does not mean that we get to do as we please. As I have learned on different occasions in my life, God chastens those who belong to him, not because he loves to see them go through pain but because he loves them and wants to see them make the right decisions, take the right path, repent of sin and be spiritually successful here on earth.

He is a good God and I am so glad to be wanted and owned by Him.

(Addendum written on 07th June, 2021)


Earlier in 2018, before I had written any of the above, based on my experience, I wrote the following which I have decided to post here:

It hurts to know that I’m so HATED yet comforting to know that I’m so LOVED. People may not LIKE you but Jesus LOVES you. People may WRITE YOU OFF but God WRITES YOU ON. People may NOT FORGIVE but God gives SECOND CHANCES. People may REJECT you but once you have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, confessed him as Lord and asked him to come into your heart and save you, you are ACCEPTED in the beloved. You are then and there, on your way to SUCCESS as God defines it, even though people consider you to be a FAILURE. You are SET UP to receive every SPIRITUAL BLESSING, even though people try to DOWNGRADE and CURSE you. Finally, God does such a wonderful work in you, that you emerge a VICTOR with a testimony, no longer a VICTIM of people’s opinions.

(Written on 6th September, 2018)


One more thing: Not even insults, ridicule, ill-will, gossip, gloating, malice, put-down, write-offs, criticism, harsh treatment, unforgiveness, betrayal, attempts to undermine or bad-mindedness (all of which I have experienced in my life) can separate you from the love of God. Remember that!

(Final Addendum written on 6th April, 2022)

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