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THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (1st batch) (1-15)

1. Are You Facing Storms, Upheavals, Trials, Loneliness, Heartache Or Depression?

2. The Fivefold Purpose Of Suffering

3. The Overflow

4. Musings From The Pit – Praise Your Way Out…

5. Facing Adversity? Go Through It!

6. When God Gives You A Promise

7. God Loves Persistence. Fight On!

8. God Is Strategic, Deliberate, Intentional

9. Do You Need A Change Of Garments?

10. My Scribblings In The Dark

11. Who Are Your Enemies?

12. Stressful Attacks – How David, Hannah And Jehoshaphat Handled It

13. What Intrigues Me About Rahab The Harlot

14. Praying – How To Get A ‘Yes’ From God

15. Why The Enemy’s Attack Is My Cue To Sing


16. What Is The Bible?

17. In Relationship With God Or Just Religious?

18. Riches, Abundance, Breakthrough & Promotion – Lies From The Pit Of Hell

19. God’s Miracles – Higher Than Technology & Science

20. Twelve (12) Indicators Of A Healthy Church

21. Dear Fellow Saints

22. Are You Spiritually Sober Or Intoxicated?

23. Jesus – The Source Of Success

24. The Blessing Of Brokenness

25. Arm Yourself – Suffering Is Part Of The Christian’s Story

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (2nd batch)(26-40)

26. Please…Allow Him To Blow Your Mind

27. You Cannot Command Your Morning Or Day

28. Our Words Have Power – A Lie From The Pit Of Hell

29. Will You Walk Closely With God?

30. The Price Tag Of Success

31. The Blood Of Jesus Gives Spiritual Life

32. Look At What ‘I’ Have Done!

33. Four (4) Brief Lessons For The Body Of Christ

34. They’re Ashamed Of Me

35. Because That For This Thing, The Lord Thy God Shall Bless Thee…

36. Faith In God vs Faith In Circumstances, People’s Opinions And Our Own Feelings

37. When God Calls Us To Separate Ourselves

38. Blessings – When We Refuse To Let Go

39. Conversation With Christ

40. The Dying Thief


41. In Me Dwelleth No Good Thing

42. Ten Red Flags That That Speaker Or Teacher Is A Wolf Disguised In Sheep’s Clothing Or Operating Under The Devil’s Deception

43. Beyond A Doubt, Jesus Is God!

44. The God Who Created Us Is A Great God

45. Sharing The Gospel Message

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (3rd batch)(46-153)

46. Abraham’s Sacrifice

47. Silencing The Naysayers

48. When That Door Wouldn’t Budge

49. Claiming The Promises Of God – (Part 1)

50. Claiming The Promises Of God – (Part 2)

51. I Know The Plans I Have For You…

52. The Sins Of The Tongue

53. The Sins Of The Tongue (Reloaded)

54. Taming The Tongue – What The Bible Says About Gossip

55. Self-Inflicted Wounds?

56. Making Sense Of The Awful Stillness – The Process Of Metamorphosis

57. Attitude Is Everything – I’ll Bless Him Anyway!

58. Where Is Your Trust At?

59. I Will Trust God With My Enemies

60. Divine Deposits – He Kept Me

61. Are You Putting Yourself In The Line Of Fire?

62. Are Some Of God’s Children More Loved And Favoured Than Others?

63. After They Have Done Their Worst, Yet Still, I Rise

64. P-a-i-n: God’s Tool For Our Spiritual Development

65. And These Stones Shall Be For A Memorial Of What He Brought Me Through

66. Heartfelt And Heartcrafted Poetry

67. What The Enemy Is After

68. Lessons I Learned From The Lazarus Story

69. But I Will See You Again!

70. The Pain I Felt In My Series Of Pit Experiences

71. …But God!

72. They’re Waiting. Don’t Let Them Down

73. Are You Really Saved? Here Are Some Indicators

74. Whose Report Will You Believe?

75. Providence – The Protective Care And Guidance Of God

76. I Have Resolved To Set Aside Quality Time With God – How Will This Impact My Life?

77. Tired Of The Storm, Sterility, Stagnancy And Silence? – Create A Spiritual Safe House

78. Power, Under Control

79. The Woman Who Wanted A Baby – Key Points From Hannah’s Story

80. We Serve A ‘Let There Be’ God

81. Are You One That Has To See Before You Can Believe?

82. Unbelief Cannot Come!

83. Have You Fallen But Desire To Get Back Up?

84. The Devil Dwells In ‘D’s

85. When A Sister Or Brother In The Church Rejects You

86. They Say I Can’t But By God’s Grace I Will

87. Remove That Mask – Let Them See Your Brokenness

88. Dear Wall…

89. Prayer, Using Words From God’s Word

90. Who I Am…In Jesus Christ

91. Dispelling The Myths About Purpose

92. Next Stop – Victory!

93. When Serving God Doesn’t Seem To Make Sense

94. The Case Of The Lost Umbrella – Is There Anything Too Hard For God?

95. Believe It Or Not, I Lost My Umbrella Again!

96. The Bridal Train

97. Seven (7) Mindsets That Will Keep You Stuck In The Land Of Sterility

98. The Real Meaning Of ‘Ministry’

99. Are You Serving The Real Jesus?

100. Do You Have Imitation Faith or Enduring Faith?

101. The Problem With Much Of Today’s So-called ‘Worship’ Music

102. When Those Closest To You Don’t Encourage And Support You

103. Fifteen (15) Things I Love About God’s Character

104. If That Tree Could Talk

105. Can Songs Of Praise Move God To Intervene?

106. They Can Think Whatever They Like – God Will Do Whatever He Pleases

107. I’ve Got No Time To Mind Anybody’s Business

108. Favouritism Comes From Man But Favour Comes From God

109. Dear Christian, Is God Calling You To Do Something?

110. Are You Truly Saved? Eight (8) Biblical Indicators To Examine Whether You Are In The Faith

111. What I Have Learned About Obeying God’s Call In Ministry

112. The Unbelief Of Judas Iscariot

113. I Wish I Were ‘U’

114. Sitting Still

115. The Tests Of Time

116. Strength In Numbers

117. How Important Is Earthly Education And The Ability To Speak Well, To God’s Agenda?

118. Could It Be That You Don’t Like Her Because…

119. Bring God Glory – Build With Excellence

120. God – “I Am A Great King”

121. When God Blows Your Mind With The Answer And Leaves You Flabbergasted

122. Daily Affirmations – I Am Moving Forward

123. God Calls Me Hephzibah

124. It is Well

125. When God Promises To Write-On A Write-Off

126. A ‘Hopeless End’ Or An ‘Endless Hope’?

127. Left For Dead…Then Resurrected

128. Tired, Weary And Don’t Know What To Do?

129. God Comforted Me!

130. The Paradoxical Principles To Successful Living – God’s Manual

131. Want To Be Rich? Read This!

132. Why You Shouldn’t Get That Tattoo

133. Were You Deceived Or Disobedient?

134. So You Have A Prayer Life – How Is Your Repentant Life?

135. My Prayer For Deliverance From Solitude And For Positive Relationships

136. Money Is Not The Driving Force In My Life

137. Taking The ‘Grace’, ‘Goodness’ and ‘Spiritual Gifts’ Of God For Granted

138. Signs That That Work Colleague, Relative Or Church Member May Be Toxic

139. One Thousand x That + More

140. Praise Him All The Day Long

141. Dear Christian, Ever Felt Like You Had No One?

142. Are You Chasing After Success?

143. God – Sometimes Silent But Ever Present

144. Your Story Is For His Glory

145. Our Difficulty Is God’s Opportunity

146. Death Must Come Before The Resurrection

147. From Bad…To Worse…To Deliverance

148. Just One Thing May Be Holding You Back

149. Suffering? Bad Attitudes That Will Only Make It Worse

150. Faith – Do You Have It?

151. What Is God Calling You To Cast Out Of Your Life?

152. Symptoms Of A Person Outside The Favour Of God

153. Note To Self – Keep Building


154. Ephesus, Smyrna And Pergamos – My Humble View On The Letters Of The Glorified Jesus To The Seven Churches (Part 1)

155. Thyatira – My Humble View On The Letters Of The Glorified Jesus To The Seven Churches (Part 2)

156. Sardis, Philadelphia And Laodicea – My Humble View On The Letters Of The Glorified Jesus To The Seven Churches (Part 3)

157. Cliques – An Enemy Of Unity In The Church

158. The Debate On God’s Election vs Man’s Free Will

159. Should Christians Be Involved In Reading The Almanac, Astrology, Horoscopes, Psychics And The Like?

160. Biblical Fasting – What Is It And Is It Important?

161. Overcoming Oppression – Spiritual Warfare

162. The Spirit Of Prophecy

163. What Is The Gospel Of God?

164. I Do Not Wish To Be A Clone Of You

165. Peter’s Imprisonment – Points I Gleaned From My Study Of Acts 12:1-19

166. Humility, Intellectualism And The Power Of God

167. God’s Holy People

168. Some Of My Favorite Charles Spurgeon Sayings

169. The Christian’s Mandate: Go 

170. We Are Soldiers

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (4th batch)(171-177)

171. Dear Peninnah

172. Are You Trying To Establish Your Own Righteousness?

173. Showdown In Egypt – God’s Power Trumps All

174. Grace And Glory – The Lord Will Help Me

175. Christianity Is Not About Dead Routine – Take Up Your Cross and Follow Him!

176. How You Gonna Curse Who God Has Blessed?

177. What A Love!


178. The Letters To The Seven (7) Churches – Seven (7) Areas To Stand Guard Against

179. The Garden Of Eden And The Garden Of Gethsemane

180. To Comfort Self Or To Pursue The Will Of God?

181. The Folly Of Pride

182. How It Feels To Be On The Wanted List

183. The Beauty Of Being About The Father’s Business

184. Could You Be Sincerely Wrong?

185. The Sheep And The Shepherd

186. There Is Beautiful Provision In Obedience

187. Stirring Up The Gift – Getting God’s Work Done

188. Opportunity To Rejoice Or A Reason To Tremble?

189. How To Have Good Success

190. Offering Strange Fire Unto The Lord

191. A Few Loaves And Some Fishes

192. Attitudes And Approaches To The Word Of God

193. Woe, If We Preach Not The Gospel

194. David, Eliab And Goliath

195. God’s Chastening Hand

196. God Is Jealous For His Glory

197. For His Name Alone Is Excellent

198. Oh Teach Me To Number My Days

199. Dear Christian, Disobedience Does Not Pay

200. No Turning Back, No Turning Back

201. Holding Fast To Your Beliefs, Standards and Boundaries

202. Are You Regenerate Or Unregenerate?

203. How Important Is Truth To Christianity?

204. Jesus – Is There Anything That He Cannot Do?

205. Sacrificing Self

206. To Read Or Not To Read?

207. Positivity Or Christianity?

208. The Revenger And The City Of Refuge

209. The Spirit Is Willing But The Flesh Is Weak

210. The Urgency Of The Commission

211. What Is Your Gift?

212. What Are You Most Passionate About?

213. To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate?

214. I Would Thou Wert Cold Or Hot

215. Relationship Advice Without The Word Of God?

216. Two Pathways: Darkness & Light – Where Are You At?

217. Kiss The Son

218. The Rightness Of Separation

219. Languishing Leadership

220. Loveth Me More Than These?

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (5th batch)(221-225)

221. I Shall Not Die But Live!

222. Frustration In His Silence

223. God – The Fountain Of Life

224. Dear Enemy Of My Soul – I Will Not Retreat!

225. Be Strong And Of A Good Courage


226. The Enemy Within

227. Is Jesus In Your Church?

228. Jesus – The Salvation And Righteousness Of God

229. Eagles Assemble Where The Carcase Is

230. How Riches Deceive

231. Are You A Doer?

232. Abraham Believed. Do You?

233. Popularity v Peculiarity

234. Who Do You Most Resemble?

235. The Sun vs. The Son

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (6th batch)(236-245)

236. The God Of All Grace

237. A Secret Place

238. The Deplorably Pathetic Spiritual State Of Most Churches Today

239. Judah And Its Babylonian Captivity

240. Are You Passionate About God’s Word?

241. Fearless Against Our Foes

242. Note To Self: Feeling Defeated? Check Your Armour

243. Overcoming That Accusatory Spirit

244. Stay In Your Lane

245. Stand Guard – A World In Mutiny


246. Imposters Among Us

247. This Book

248. Gird Your Loins With Truth

249. Called To Honour People, Not To Worship Them

250. God Is Not Impressed With The Name Of Your Denomination

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (7th batch)(251-260)

251. Fixated On Me? Focus On Him!

252. Working For The Lord

253. John The Baptist, The Church In Smyrna And The Poor Widow’

254. The “Dos” And “Don’ts” Of Building A Legacy

255. Facebook Says I Went Against Community Standards

256. When You’re A Target Of Raging Warfare

257. Intending To Undermine But Serving To Strengthen

258. Turning The World Upside Down

259. God The Master Builder

260. The Ongoing, Never-Ending War


261. The Dark Spirit Behind Narcissism

262. Why We Should Let God Direct Our Path

263. Can Disobedience Ever Be Justified?

264. Partial Obedience = Complete Disobedience

265. What It Means To Have Faith

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (8th batch)(266-270)

266. For With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible

267. The Christian And Cloud 9

268. A Free Gift

269. Psalm 119 – An Interesting Observation

270. Anointed Yes, But…


271. The Truth – An Apple, A Pear Or An Orange?

272. False Worship – Elevation, Hillsong, Bethel, Jesus Culture And Others

273. He Wants To Be Enquired Of

274. Life’s Mad Rush – Slow Down!

275. Have You Truly Repented?

276. An Angel Of Light?

277. A Dose Of Reality – Vance Havner Quotes

278. When The Undeserving Desire To Give God Public Praise

279. Useless Knives And Ships Without Wind

280. God’s Assessment Of You: Commendation Or Criticism?

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (9th batch)(281-285)

281. Make A Clean Break

282. Abuse From The Pulpit?

283. Don’t Ever Think That You Can’t Slip

284. Are You A Person Of Faith?

285. God’s Sovereignty And My Suffering


286. The Consequences Of Our Wrongdoing

287. Why I Hate Politics

288. Religion Or Relationship?

289. What God Wants Us To Do With His Word

290. The Man Of God, The Word of God And The Prophet Who Lied From Bethel

291. Spiritually Stunted?

292. Why God Has Left Us Here

293. One With God – A Majority

294. How God Trains And Arranges Mentorship For His Soldiers

295. Is What You’re Doing Ministry?

THE FAITH FORUM SERIES (10th batch)(296-300)

296. The God That Never Leaves Us Or Forsakes Us

297. Living In Dangerous And Difficult Times

298. When God’s Decision Displeases Us

299. There Is Enough Work For All To Do!



301. He Will Be A Wild Man – The Origins Of The Hamas, The Houthis And Hezbollah

302. Do You Have The Spirit Of Christ?

303. Is Jesus At The Core Of That (Relationship) Ministry?

304. Are You Hardening Your Heart To God’s Voice?


If there are questions that you will like answered or discussed on further biblical issues, you may also be interested in reading the following additional Articles under the ‘ABUNDANT LIFE’ Series of the ‘SINGLE Daughters of God’ heading, as follows: –

THE ABUNDANT LIFE SERIES (1st batch)(76-100)

  • 76. Let’s Be Honest – What Do You Really Believe?
  • 77. Is Your Life And Those Around You Being ‘Spent’ Or ‘Invested’?
  • 78. When The Enemy Tries To Make You Doubt Your Salvation
  • 79. So Many Questions – Do You Have All The Answers?
  • 80. Becoming More Like Jesus – Practices To Incorporate Into Your Every Day Life
  • 81. What Is The Gospel Of God?
  • 82. Trying To Be The Best You Can Is Not Enough – Jesus Is The Answer
  • 83. How To Experience The Extraordinary Life
  • 84. Hitting Rock Bottom
  • 85. Dare To Be Different
  • 86. Jesus, The Only Thing Standing Between Me & Failure…Is You
  • 87. I Lost All Control When I Asked God To Take The Wheel
  • 88. Ten Red Flags That That Speaker Or Teacher Is A Wolf Disguised In Sheep’s Clothing Or Operating Under The Devil’s Deception
  • 89. If You Were Offered The Opportunity To Live Forever, Would You Take It?
  • 90. Beyond A Doubt, Jesus Is God!
  • 91. Who I Am…In Jesus Christ
  • 92. The God Who Created Us Is A Great God
  • 93. Must I Keep The Law?
  • 94. How To Be Blessed
  • 95. Are You Too Puffed Up, Full Of Yourself Or Prideful?
  • 96. Are You A Christian? Here’s How To Experience The ‘Good Life’
  • 97. Do You Feel Like You Have Fallen Through The Cracks?
  • 98. Who Or What Are You Depending On?
  • 99. Good News! Here’s How Your Life Can Be Transformed For Ever
  • 100. Calling All Christians In God’s Business of Sharing The Gospel And Winning Souls For Christ

THE ABUNDANT LIFE SERIES (2nd batch)(226-250)

  • 226. The Whole Truth…
  • 227. What Will Be Your Excuse?
  • 228. God’s Laws Are Supreme
  • 229. I Want To Be Blessed!
  • 230. Women Teaching In The Church – What Does God Command?
  • 231. Where Does Life Come From And Where Did It Begin?
  • 232. What Sin Does Once Introduced – Based On The Story Of Adam & Eve And Cain & Abel
  • 233. Where Did The People From 130 Years Ago Go?
  • 234. Blood – What God Requires For You To Obtain Forgiveness
  • 235. Is There Eternal Security Of A Believer?
  • 236. Are You On The Right Road?
  • 237. Why Your Good Deeds/Works Are Not Enough To Earn You A Space In Heaven
  • 238. You My Friend Are Dead
  • 239. Jesus – Who Is He?
  • 240. Serve God Wherever And In Whatever You Are Called
  • 241. Come Away…To Jesus
  • 242. What Is Repentance?
  • 243. What The Bible Says About Keeping The Law (Part 2/4)
  • 244. Are You Trying To Establish Your Own Righteousness?
  • 245. Is There A God?
  • 246. To Those Who Insist On Keeping The Law (Part 3/4)
  • 247. How Does God Speak To His Children?
  • 248. A Light Above The Brightness Of The Sun
  • 249. Twelve Indicators Of A Healthy Church
  • 250 The Blood Of Jesus Gives Spiritual Life

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