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When I have searched and searched and searched for a job, yet I still remain unemployed (and trust me, I have been there), I’ll BLESS Him anyway.

When I see the years rolling on by and my hair beginning to grey, yet no marriage prospect is in sight (and trust me, I have been there), I’ll PRAISE Him anyway.

When I’m feeling hungry and tired, yet my cupboards are bare and my pockets empty (and trust me, I have been there), I’ll TRUST Him anyway.

When I know that God has the power to deliver and that I have the faith to be restored, yet I remain stuck in a dreadful pit (and trust me, I have been there), I’ll WORSHIP Him anyway.

When I know God gave me some specific promises from his Word, yet years go by and they remain elusive (and trust me, I have been there), I’ll continue to believe against all odds and WAIT on Him anyway.

When I’ve been attacked, ostracized, rejected, criticized and ridiculed, yet I know that despite it all, I am still a child of the King and accepted in the beloved (and trust me, I have been there), I’ll emerge VICTORIOUS anyway.

When I’ve been through the fire, drought and the storm, yet I’ve fought the good fight and kept my faith in Jesus (and trust me, I have been there), I’ll give Him the GLORY anyway.

And finally, when people see me bellowing a praise to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, yet they are of the view that I am over doing it (and they don’t know the cost…). I’ll shout to the top of my lungs in JOY to him anyway.

“I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” (Psalm 34:1)

(Written on 16th May, 2016)


Within one minute of my completing this Article, I saw some words across my Facebook screen from my ‘Our Daily Bread’ subscription and so I rushed back here to add it. Believe it or not, the words were:

“Lord, we will praise You in our difficult times like the psalmist did. You know us, and we turn to You because we know You are good.”

It is also important to let you know that when this Article was written, I was unemployed. No matter how hard I tried during that period that went on for months and months, every door was firmly shut, although I was an extremely hard worker and was very qualified.

I went through a period of drought like I had never experienced before but God was still in control. I believe that he allowed the doors to be shut, due to me being chastened, spiritually developed and material for this Page being birthed.

Yes, something beautiful can be birthed from extreme labour pains and this Website, along with my five (5) Facebook Pages and a partially written book is a testament to that. Yes, by the grace of God, there is a book coming! I started it in 2009 believe it or not and it turned into a sort of diary that continued up to 2015. Since then though, I took a break from it but I intend by the grace of God to return, wrap it up and finish it.

What is also beautiful is that I wrote this Article from my place of prolonged unemployment on the 16th May, 2016 and in four short days thereafter and on the 20th May, 2016 to be exact, I got a call, that I had been successful in an interview and was being offered a job at a governmental Ministry in the neighbouring island to where I lived.

My God is magnificent. From my experiences, I can truly say, that he is the God of the Hills but also the God of the Valleys. He wants us to have a spirit of thanksgiving in EVERY season. Praise him therefore when things in your life are going well but also when you feel stuck and your life looks like one big nightmare.

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