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While meditating on the goodness of God on 11th March, 2022, I picked up my phone and recorded my thoughts. This is what I said (with a few paraphrases and inclusions):

Sometimes it is easy to become disillusioned by what you see around you, what you see happening in the world, in families, even in so-called Christian families and also in the Church by fellow brothers and sisters and those who have professed to be Christians.

I will admit that at times I’ve felt disillusioned because I have recognized that I am in a world where there is GRACELESSNESS to a large extent.

However, although I’m in a world where there is gracelessness generally in that there isn’t much grace given but rather, much malice, hate, ill-will, strife, envy, competition, jealousy, bad-mindedness, gossip, ridiculing people for entertainment purposes (and I have experienced a great deal of this), oppression and the like, I was reminded this morning that I SERVE THE GOD OF ALL GRACE. He is full of grace. His storehouse has abundant grace and I was reminded that, everything that is lacking in this world, in the people around us and even in ourselves, God has it in abundance. We therefore need to come continually to his storehouse to draw from that source.

The world is very filthy, including our very flesh. Indeed, I see things even within my own flesh that are filthy and wicked but yet I am reminded of the fact, that I cannot look within. I have to look without. God is the God of all PURITY. He is absolutely and completely pure, holy, righteous, so I can draw from his storehouse.

People may be full of malice, ill-will and all of these things but with the Lord there is purity of purpose and motive. I can go to him and I can trust him. You can’t trust in people. For, as soon as you tell them something, they are quick to spread your business. They are quick to do evil with the information that you have given to them but you can go to the Lord Jesus Christ. You can confide in him and trust him. Most people don’t have your welfare in mind (although they give the impression that they do) but with Jesus, you know that he is GENUINE and that he has your welfare at heart. People may want to hurt you and do you damage but He always wants to help you and heal you.

It is therefore refreshing to remember, that whatever good this world lacks, the Lord has it in ABUNDANCE. I ought not therefore and we ought not to feel disillusioned. Although people provoke you (and I have been around people that provoke me, harass me, stress me out, ignore, belittle and insult me), you don’t get that with the Lord. You get a Lord that is genuine, that makes time to listen and welcomes you every time and tells you to come more. He tells you: Keep on coming boldly to my throne of grace.

He is a God that is MERCIFUL. This is another thing. The world lacks mercy and I am of the view that, even among persons that have professed Christianity, mercy is lacking. Yet with God, he is the God of all mercy. He gives us even more than we deserve. For example, I don’t even deserve to be in the land of the living but I am here.

It is therefore good to put things into perspective and to remember that whatever the world is giving off that is bad and evil, God has that which is good and in abundance. He is the God of all grace. He is the God that extends mercy beyond what we deserve. He is a God of KINDNESS, something that I have not experienced much from people on this earth. I’ve had much harsh, aggressive, belittling, ignoring, insulting and bad treatment, which can at times mess with you, as it makes you tense and uptight because you don’t know what will come next and who will insult or attack you next.

Yet with God there is PEACE. He doesn’t speak to me harshly. He rebukes me when there is need and punishes when there is need and as is rightful but with him there is GENTLENESS, there is KINDNESS, there is LOVE and I have truly experienced the love of a Father, through Him…

Some people have never experienced this, from their own dad, sad to say and may never experience this from them and that is fine. For, whatever they lack in their relationship with their own dad, the Lord makes up for it MARVELLOUSLY. He more than compensates for the shortfall, to the point where he says in his Word, don’t call any man on earth your Father because (if you are a genuine believer, then) God is your Father (Matthew 23:9).

I am very thankful therefore, when I contemplate on these truths.

Father in heaven, I pray almighty God, that whatever I lack on this earth or perceive that I lack, help me to remember that you have it in abundance, whatever is pure, whatever is good. So help me to draw close to you, so that I can draw from you, what I need to get by in this life and to be victorious, almighty God. Help me not to focus Lord on what I have lacked in this life and on what people have not given to me. Yes people have done me much wrong and they haven’t given me a lot and I have done people wrong as well because as mere human beings, I have realized that we are pathetic. But Lord, I thank you almighty God that, despite how pathetic we are and wicked, evil and perverse, your name remains excellent. You are the God of all excellence. You name alone is excellent. Help me to remember that and whenever I’m feeling down or beginning to feel disillusioned by what I see around me almighty God, I pray that you will help me to remember that this is because I am looking within at my own disgusting way or around at people and their own disgusting way and that I need to look up. For, whatever I see lacking in mankind, you have it in abundance.

So I thank you for that almighty God. Help me to draw from your strength, to draw from your perpetual storehouse, almighty God. And Lord I give you praise, honour and glory. I pray that you will compensate for whatever I lack on this earth, whatever I haven’t had much of. I haven’t had much kindness. I’ve had so much harsh treatment and at times it takes a toll on me but help me to remember how beautiful and kind and good you have been to me almighty God and even when you’ve chastened me, I have truly felt your love in the middle of it and you still extended your mercy. For this I am grateful. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Another thing that I have observed is that people don’t like to forgive. They tell you that they have forgiven or give the impression that they have but they hold on to things in their heart. It is not easy for people to forgive, even in the household of faith but God is one that truly, genuinely FORGIVES. It’s so beautiful to think and to be reminded of the fact, that whatever we lack here on earth (because as human beings we are a set of pathetic, wicked people and even within the household of faith, we are pathetic and not what we ought to be) the Lord Jesus Christ is BEAUTIFUL, his name is EXCELLENT, we can focus on him, draw from his strength and learn of him.

Thank you almighty God. Get me through all that I am dealing with Lord, even what I lack on earth or where people have been cruel to me, almighty God and continue to be that way. Sometimes they have you perpetually in a doghouse but God, you are the Lord that forgives. Help me Lord to draw from your strength and to keep my focus on you always. People disappoint but you, the true and living God, you never disappoint and so thank you, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Recorded on my cellphone while meditating on God’s goodness on 11th March, 2022)

“But THE GOD OF ALL GRACE, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.” (1 Peter 5:10)

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