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Weary from internal and external battles and seemingly, attacks from every hand and side, including the workplace, in the home, among so-called friends, family members and even by some in Church circles, I mentioned tonight, to some persons, who like me, had professed Christianity, that some of my neighbours played their music too loudly and that this problem should be nipped in the bud by talking to them about their loud music. I spoke to one of the young men once about the problem when I saw him but after some temporary improvement, the problem persisted again.

It is not every day that I am bombarded by this loud music but it still affects me and is highly inconsiderate, especially given that the lyrics are vile. The music, which is ungodly is played with absolutely no regard for the fact that there are people who have professed Christianity, living close by.

I find this to be highly inconsiderate, disrespectful and unacceptable. We are not supposed to see darkness enclosing around us and sit idly by and allow it to move in on us. Instead, it should be dispelled by our light.

Instead of supporting me on the issue though, the people I spoke to who are supposed to be Christians as well, did not see things my way. I was told in a somewhat contemptuous, scolding manner, that I should “Keep quiet”, as “everybody has to live.” Excuses were also made for the boys, to the effect that they do not play it all the time. The idea was that it was okay and I was being unnecessarily difficult.

In that moment, I realized why some persons who have professed Christ seem to go through life without any or many attacks from the enemy, while others are fought against so relentlessly.

I have faced so many attacks in my lifetime thus far, some as early as my childhood, that it has often puzzled me, why some people are targeted by the enemy so aggressively and some are left, seemingly alone, just to enjoy life.

I have come to the conclusion, that it is because some professers of Christianity pose very little or no threat to the enemy because they fit comfortably into the world’s system, having absolutely no intention to oppose anything or to fight for the truth or to take a stand for Christ.

Such persons are content to preach the gospel from a platform so that it cannot be said that they did not obey God’s commission but when it comes to the every day life they live when they are not in a Church setting, they don’t make any attempt to change the status quo or to contend for the faith or to be firm in speaking out against sin and sinful situations, accepted as the norm in society.

Simply, put, they don’t wish to ruffle any feathers and so they remain silent, considering those who choose to contend, as unreasonable and out of place. The concept of ‘spiritual warfare’ is foreign to their ears and they speak of the devil’s attacks as something theoretical, that which occurred in the Bible days and happens in far off lands but not which affects us today.

They speak in this way because they genuinely don’t know what it is to be fought against by the enemy and for him to wage war aggressively and relentlessly against one of God’s children, using whoever he can find, to try to bring them down.

As a result, the enemy leaves such people to their own devices because in remaining silent, in making sure that they fit in and don’t oppose evil, they are not effective for the Kingdom of Christ. The enemy instead, goes after those who dare to think that they can effect change and set out to do it.

Dear professer of Christianity, which category do you fall in? Are you just trying to fit in with society or do you know that your place is to stand out and be a force to be reckoned with? We are not called to toe the line in this evil, godless, sin-filled world and to ensure that peace is preserved to the extent of our remaining silent, on the evil that plagues our lands.

We are called to fight the good fight of faith as God’s WARRIORS, to be alert, watchful and diligent to the devil’s attacks which are sometimes subtle, to speak out, stand up for truth, be prepared to suffer for the positions that we take and to let people know where we stand and who we identify with. God did not save us to remain silent or to make friendships with the world or to sit on our behinds and to enjoy life, just like the rest of the world. He saved us to fight. That is why he gave us spiritual weapons.

As Charles Spurgeon stated in his Sermon: ‘The Sword of the Spirit’:

  • “To be a Christian is to be a warrior. The good soldier of Jesus Christ must not expect to find ease in this world: it is a battle-field. Neither must he reckon upon the friendship of the world; for that would be enmity against God. His occupation is war. As he puts on piece by piece of the panoply provided for him, he may wisely say to himself, “This warns me of danger; this prepares me for warfare; this prophesies opposition.”
  • …our defense and our conquest must be obtained by sheer fighting. Many try compromise; but if you are a true Christian, you can never do this business well. The language of deceit fits not a holy tongue. The adversary is the father of lies, and those that are with him understand the art of equivocation; but saints abhor it. If we discuss terms of peace, and attempt to gain something by policy, we have entered upon a course from which we shall return in disgrace. We have no order from our Captain to patch up a truce, and get as good terms as we can. We are not sent out to offer concessions.
  • It is said that if we yield a little, perhaps the world will yield a little also, and good may come of it. If we are not too strict and narrow, perhaps sin will kindly consent to be more decent. Our association with it will prevent its being so barefaced and atrocious. If we are not narrow-minded, our broad doctrine will go down with the world, and those on the other side will not be so greedy of error as they now are.
  • No such thing. Assuredly this is not the order which our Captain has issued. When peace is to be made, he will make it himself, or he will tell us how to behave to that end; but at present our orders are very different. Neither may we hope to gain by being neutral, or granting an occasional truce. We are not to cease from conflict, and try to be as agreeable as we can with our Lord’s foes, frequenting their assemblies, and tasting their dainties. No such orders are written here. You are to grasp your weapon, and go forth to fight.
  • Neither may you so much as dream of winning the battle by accident. No man was ever holy by a happy chance. Infinite damage may be done by carelessness; but no man ever won life’s battle by it. To let things go on as they please, is to let them bear us down to hell. We have no orders to be quiet, and take matters easily.
  • …It is wise to keep the war in the enemy’s own regions. If we had fought the devil more in the world, he might never have been able to invade the church so terribly as he has done. Attack with the sword, for it is your calling, and thus will you best defend yourself. We need the sword for real fighting. Do you think that you can dream yourselves into heaven? or ride there in the chariot of ease? Or fly on the wings of brass music? You make a great mistake if you so imagine. A real war is raging, your opponents are in deadly earnest, and YOU must take your sword.”


As I close, the Bible says that we are to be peaceable with all men in so far as is possible but this does not mean that we are to give in and submit to evil without putting up a fight. On the contrary, we are called to resist the devil and are guaranteed that if we do this, while submitting to God, that he will flee from us (James 4:7).

Living at peace with others therefore does not mean to put down our weapons and compromise. We must certainly use wisdom in our dealings with this ungodly world but make no mistake, as soliders in God’s army, we are called to fight.

(Written on 04th January, 2020, adjusted thereafter)

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