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Simply put, the Bible is God’s words to mankind, which comprises sixty-six (66) books written by men that he inspired to write them, the said books of which he has allowed to be collated and stored in one book.

This book:

  1. Tells us of the past (including how humans came into being and why we are here);
  2. Explains the present (including the reason why society is so messed up today and why despite our best efforts, we still have so many problems);
  3. Provides and prescribes the only antidote that will be effective for the world’s problems (Jesus Christ); and
  4. Accurately prophesies what is going to happen in the future (including the fact that our souls will live on in either heaven or hell when we die and God brings this world to an end.)

Because God is our Creator and it is in him that we live, move and have our being, the words in this book called the Bible are life. They are precious and powerful because they hold the promise of abundant and eternal life to all who read it and believe it and follow God’s instructions for living, as stated in it.

Because the Bible comes from God and he owns the whole universe and everything in it, it is the ultimate authoritative book for mankind because God is the ultimate authority.

No human being, whether he be Judge, President, Priest or king therefore, has the right to tamper with this book or to create laws that are contrary to those God has already set down for us in this book, as to how we should live and what we should do and not do.

No human being has the God-given authority to prescribe any other antidote for our sin-sick condition (which the Bible lets us know we have), than what God has already been prescribed and commanded that we take for our healing and deliverance. We are all born with a horrible sin virus, which, although we naively think it is normal to have this condition, has been proven to rise up, overtake and try to destroy us and those around us.

To explain the Bible further, I refer you to the following writing from an unknown author, which was derived from the front of the New Testament Gideon Bible. I have always loved these introductory words because they are true and have been so well-written.

At the front of the Gideon New Testament (which contains some of the books of the Bible), it truthfully lets us know that:

“The Bible contains the MIND of God, the STATE of man, the WAY of salvation, the DOOM of sinners and the HAPPINESS of believers.

Its DOCTRINES are holy, its PRECEPTS are binding, its HISTORIES are true and its DECISIONS are immutable.

READ it to be wise, BELIEVE it to be safe and PRACTISE it to be holy.

It contains LIGHT to direct you, FOOD to support you and COMFORT to cheer you.

It is the TRAVELER’S map, the PILGRIM’S staff, the PILOT’S compass, the SOLDIER’S sword and the CHRISTIAN’S charter.

Here too, HEAVEN is opened and the gates of HELL disclosed.

CHRIST is its grand subject, OUR GOOD its design and THE GLORY OF GOD its end.

It should FILL the memory, RULE the heart and GUIDE the feet.


It is a MINE of wealth, a PARADISE of glory and a RIVER of pleasure.

It is GIVEN you in life, will be OPENED at the judgment and be REMEMBERED forever.

It INVOLVES the highest responsibility, REWARDS the greatest labor and will CONDEMN all who trifle with its sacred contents.”

(Written on 4th March, 2020)


On 10th July, 2018, I earlier wrote:

The Bible is not just a book filled with wonderful stories of magnificent happenings. It is a TRUE and HISTORICAL account of a REAL God with REAL power, who is STILL alive today and gives guidance, strength, deliverance and protection to those that are his in the PRESENT, through the words of that VERY book, while tuning us in on what is going to take place in the FUTURE.

We need to stop seeing God as some theoretical being contained in a book and see him for what he really is: REAL with REAL EMOTIONS, MAGNIFICENT, ALL-KNOWING, ALL-POWERFUL and one that has chosen to demonstrate his supernatural power in our natural lives through FAITH in his Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is ABLE to do whatever he pleases (even what our little minds think, reason or call impossible) and when we put all this KNOWLEDGE about who he is into PRACTICE, then the results are explosive!

God is not a textbook being nor is he a fictitious character. He is not some equation that we apply somehow or manipulate to get results, nor is he a genie that takes our orders. He is wise and all-knowing. He loves righteousness and he hates sin. He has made us and we will ALWAYS be accountable to him and subject to the rules he has set.

He sees, he hears, he knows, he instructs, he blesses, he curses, he chastens, he judges, he rewards, he protects, he fights and he delivers.

Wake up. Read up. Look up.

(Addendum written earlier on 10th July, 2018)

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